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Esprit Automation is the leading manufacturer of CNC plasma cutters in the UK. Our state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting machines are optimised for a wide range of different applications and we offer turnkey solutions for our customers including CAD/CAM software, filtration, installation, and training – all backed up by our unrivalled service and support. Esprit CNC plasma cutters are known for performance, reliability, and productivity which enable our customers to be successful and profitable in their own diverse businesses. Scroll down to discover our frame-based, rail-based and specialised CNC plasma cutting machines.



Range of Sizes & Solutions to Best Suit Your Application

Built To Last

Highly Robust Designs. Welded & Engineered For Years to Last

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Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC Controller & Plasma Cutting System

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After Sales Service & Customers Productivity is our Key Strength

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Frame-Based CNC Plasma Cutters

Esprit Automation Lightning HD CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale

Lightning HD

The flagship high-precision CNC Plasma cutting machine that offers laser-like precision cuts at a fraction of the investment.

Esprit Automation Lightning D CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Lightning D

Esprit Lightning D machines cover a wide range of applications and produce high-quality accurate components in virtually all metals.

Esprit Automation Arrow CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


This is our specialised CNC Plasma cutting machine for the HVAC industry, general sheet metalwork, and light fabrication applications.

Rail-Based CNC Plasma Cutters

Esprit Automation Viper CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


Our workhorse CNC Plasma cutting machine of choice for 24/7 heavy-duty cutting in the profiling and construction industries.

Esprit Automation Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale

Lightning S

A flexible machine for high accuracy plasma thanks to the innovative linked rail concept for increased machine rigidity.

Esprit Automation Cobra CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


A cost-effective CNC Plasma cutting machine for medium to heavy-duty cutting; can be supplied with extra flame cutting heads.

Specialised CNC Plasma Cutters

Esprit Automation Multibevel CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


Our heavy-duty CNC Plasma cutting machine optimised for plasma bevel cutting applications and cutting angled edges.

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Tell Us Your Needs

Esprit has the knowledge and experience to meet your metal cutting needs. Give us a call or schedule a visit and our engineers will provide you with their expertise on your specific sheet or plate cutting application.

Our team of experts will work with you to look at your specific application taking into account a wide range of factors including cut quality requirements, thickness, size, material types, and production capacity needs in order to identify the best alternatives.

Esprit Automation has the largest CNC Plasma Cutter live demonstration facility in the UK, where all Hypertherm plasma cutting systems and our entire range of machines are ready to go and assist you in determining the best solution for your application.

We look forward to discussing your application!

Esprit Automation integrates world-class hypertherm components in their CNC plasma cutters

Live Demonstration

Request A Live Demo

Take the chance to discuss with our engineers and experts your cut quality requirements, thickness, size, material types, and production capacity needs. Experience in person the increased productivity our Esprit CNC Plasma cutting machines could offer.

Hypertherm Plasma Systems for Esprit Automation

Hypertherm Plasma

Esprit is Hypertherm’s principal OEM partner and largest official distributor in the UK. We offer the full range of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems on our CNC plasma cutters and we will help you select the best option for your needs.

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Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Package Procut

Esprit Software

Esprit offers powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use software packages that will allow you to achieve the very best results from your machine investments. We also provide training and support services to enable your full team to operate a CNC plasma cutting machine.

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Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Filtration Solutions

Filtration Solutions

Plasma cutting produces fume and dust which should be drawn away from the working environment. Esprit offers & supports a wide selection of highly reliable extraction and filtration systems that will help you create a clean working space.

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Esprit Automation ltd manufactering a CNC plasma cutter
Esprit has a large stock of Hypertherm CNC Plasma cutting Consumables
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Training in Nottingham
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software development
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutters Service Engineers installing a new machine at a customer together with an operator

After Sales Support

After-sales service is of key importance to our customers and our in-house team of more than ten experienced engineers and technical support staff backed up by large stocks of spare parts and cutting consumables gives our customers the assurance that issues can be dealt with quickly and professionally.


Fast & Smooth Implementation

Our project managers, engineers, and trainers will guide you through the entire project, so our CNC plasma cutters can be easily implemented into your current business.


CNC Plasma Machine Specialists

Our team of technical service engineers spends 100% of their time servicing, installing, training, and maintaining the range of Esprit & Hypertherm systems. They are supported by a team of in-office support who resolve issues via the phone.


One Stop Shop customer support

The technical service team can call on further assistance from our electrical, mechanical, and software design staff in the adjoining office.


Large Stock Of Consumables & Spares

Esprit hold the largest stocks of genuine Hypertherm plasma consumables and spare parts in the UK.  We offer same-day dispatch for orders received before 2.30 pm.

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