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CNC Plasma Cutting Machines from Esprit Automation

Fully Optimised for High Precision Plasma Cutting

Esprit Automation

Esprit Lightning HD machines are precision compact-bed machine tools for high-precision CNC plasma cutting and are available in a range of popular sizes from 3.0m x 1.5m upwards. Designed on laser cutting machine principles, the Lightning HD fully exploits the latest Hypertherm HPR XD plasma cutting processes and produces clean, square, dross-free cuts on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. High-power digital AC drive systems with precision gearboxes and dual direct-drive rack and pinions in the X axis and direct-drive rack and pinion in the Y axis produce smooth motion with high speed and acceleration. Twin hardened and ground linear bearings in both axes mounted to fully machined heavy-duty fabrications provide high accuracy and repeatability. The Lightning HD can be specified with one or two Hypertherm HPR XD Torches.

400A Maximum Cutting Current

True Hole Capable Machine

Esprit Viper machines are large-bed CNC portal cutting machines for up to eight plasma or flame cutting stations. Designed and manufactured as precision machine tools, the Viper machines feature heavy-duty floor mounted rails, hardened and ground linear bearings, Powerful digital AC drive systems, precision gearboxes and rack and pinion drives for excellent machine performance. Cutting width can be specified between 1.5m and 6.5m; cutting length is effectively unlimited. Viper machines can be specified with Hypertherm HPR or conventional plasma cutting systems up to 800A or flame torches for the thicker material ranges.

800A Maximum Cutting Current
Flame Cutting Capable Machine

True Hole Capable Machine

The Esprit Multibevel machine will cut components with a range of bevel details suitable for straight and radius edge weld preps, countersinks and a range of other component specifications. The MultiBevel has an Esprit engineered precision bevel head and fully integrated True Bevel technology from Hypertherm for quicker set-up and more accurate bevel cutting. The machine will handle plates up to 50 mm thick and covers V, A, and Top-Y style cuts with

The latest Esprit Lightning S machines have an innovative linked-rail design which delivers high machine stability. Thousands of hours of engineering development have produced a machine which delivers high quality and productivity not normally associated with rail based machines. The heavy duty machined fabrications combine with precision linear guidance, rack and pinion transmissions and digital brushless drives to give smooth, precise motion for the very highest cut quality. The Lightning S can be specified with a range of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems with a range of other plate cutting and marking options. Bed sizes are from 3×1.5m and can be specified up to 3m wide and 20m in length.

400A Maximum Cutting Current
Flame Cutting Capable Machine

True Hole Capable Machine

The Esprit Cobra is a modern rail based machine and can be specified with between 1.5m and 3m cutting width and up to 12m cutting length. The Cobra can have up to two plasma cutting heads and up to six flame cutting heads. Cobra machines are dual side direct rack and pinion drive in the X axis and feature linear bearings and direct rack and pinion drive in the Y axis. Hypertherm HyPerformance HPR XD plasma up to 400A can be specified with the Cobra. EDGE Pro CNC & Bosch digital brushless AC drives complete the machine specification – giving the Cobra machines smooth precision motion and high reliability.

400A Maximum Cutting Current
Oxy-fuel Flame Cutting Capable Machine

True Hole Capable Machine

Esprit Lightning D machines produce high quality accurate components in virtually all metals. The cutting machines are available in a range of popular sizes from 2.5m x 1.25m up to 8.5m x 2.0m and can be specified with up to two conventional or Hypertherm HPR130XD high-definition plasma-cutting units.

The Lightning D machines have hardened and ground linear bearings in both axes and are available with either pneumatic plate-rider or precision arc-voltage torch height controls dependant upon the application. All have Hypertherm EDGE Pro CNC and digital AC brushless drive systems.

130A Maximum Cutting Current

True Hole Capable Machine

The Esprit Arrow High-speed CNC plasma cutting system machine combines the latest digital CNC plasma cutting machine technology in a compact package and offers the best price/performance ratio in it

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  • "Having dealt with Esprit for 8 years now we have purchased 2 machines from them and found them to be extremely well built. The cut quality is excellent from the thinnest to the thickest plates. From sales and management to technical and service all of their team are knowledgeable, helpful and dependable. They have helped us to grow and as such we would always recommend Esprit."
    - John Ready I General Manager I Eggleston Steel Ltd.
  • "Thanks to our four Esprit Lightning HD1500 x 6.5 m machines the quality and quantity of BM catalysts being produced has increased exponentially."
    - Toby Massey I Managing Director I BM Catalysts Ltd
  • "Don't know why I didn't get one of these machines 10 years ago"
    - Ivan Patterson I Managing Director I Barker and Patterson