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Hypertherm are the acknowledged world leader in plasma cutting systems and Esprit have worked exclusively with them since 1990 to produce the very best CNC plasma cutting machines. Hypertherm systems are a clear choice and the most widely used method for the industrial cutting of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium plates. This thanks to their ability to produce exceptionally high-quality edges, its unmatched speed & precision, and the relatively low investment and running costs.

Esprit offers the full range of Hypertherm systems on its machines, which can be divided in 4 principal families:

  • XPR represents Hypertherm’s most significant advance in mechanised plasma cutting technology ever with unmatched performance and unbeatable operating costs.
  • HyPerformance plasma offers the laser-like cut quality with low running costs.
  • LongLife Air & Oxygen plasma cutting systems are a cost-effective solution for high productivity applications where HyPerformance quality is not required.
  • Powermax systems offer very low entry costs with excellent air-plasma cut quality for other applications.
Hypertherm XPR Plasma Cutting System

XPR Plasma

Perfect for Highest Definition & Precision Plasma Cutting in Intensive Use

The XPR Plasma is Hypertherm’s most advanced plasma cutting system to date. With unparalleled cutting quality on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, the XPR uses the full potential of next-generation X-Definition cutting technology to deliver higher cutting speeds, a dramatic increase in productivity, and a reduction in operating costs of up to 50%.


more info & specifications of XPR systems
Click to download the specifications of each Hypertherm XPR system:

XPR 170            XPR 300

Hypertherm HPR400XD Plasma Cutting System

hyperformance plasma

Ideal for Precision Plasma Cutting in Light to Intensive Applications

Say goodbye to the costs associated with secondary operations thanks to the superior quality and uniformity of the HyPerformance plasma cutting system. By utilizing the power of technologies such as HyDefinition, LongLife, and True Hole, the powerful HyPerformance HPRXD system cuts both thin & thick steel alike, delivering performance, productivity, and profitability.


more info & specifications of HPR systems

Click to download the specifications of each Hypertherm HPR system:

HPR 130XD             HPR 400XD             HPR 800XD

Hypertherm MAXPRO200 Plasma Cutting System

Longlife & Oxygen plasma

Exceptional Performance in Any Environment

Working with large capacities and supporting intensive use, Hypertherm LongLife Air and Oxygen plasma cutting systems are ideal for production environments cutting mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Designed to have a significantly longer life and significantly lower operational costs, these high-performance systems are the ideal solution for high-output environments.


more info & specifications of longlife systems

Click to download the specifications of the Hypertherm MaxPro200 system:


Hypertherm PowerMax65 Plasma Cutting System

powermax plasma

Excellent Air-Plasma Cut Quality for Low Entry Cost

Hypertherm Powermax Air Plasma cutting systems offer fast cutting speeds and great cut quality at an attractive price, Powermax Air Plasma systems produce parts that rarely require secondary operations. Versatile and robust, these professional plasma systems have been specifically designed to withstand moderately intensive use in all environments. Capable of high-speed cutting of thin gauge sheet metal whilst piercing and cutting up to 25mm mild steel (Powermax 125), the versatile Powermax systems cover a wide range of applications.


more info & specifications of powermax systems

Click to download the specifications of each Hypertherm Powermax system:

Powermax45 XP             Powermax65                 Powermax85

Powermax105                Powermax125

Hypertherm Plasma Cutting System comparison


Type of SystemMulti-gas
LongLife Air & OxygenAirAir
Lightning HD
Lightning S
Lightning D

Output Current170 A300 A130 A400 A800 A200 A45 A65 A85 A105 A125 A
Output Voltage210 VDC210 VDC150 VDC200 VDC400 VDC165 VDC145 VDC139 VDC143 VDC160 VDC175 VDC
MS Cutting Capacity (1)35-40 mm (2)45-50 mm (2)32 mm50 mm50 mm32 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm22 mm25 mm
SS Cutting Capacity (1)22 mm38 mm20 mm45 mm75 mm25 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm20 mm
Al Cutting Capacity (1)25 mm38 mm20 mm45 mm75 mm25 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm25 mm
Cutting Speed (0.8 mm MS)4,217 mm/min4,217 mm/min6,500 mm/min6,500 mm/min6,500 mm/min8,510 mm/min8,250 mm/min8,250 mm/min8,250 mm/min8,250 mm/min8,250 mm/min
Cutting Speed (12 mm MS)3,060 mm/min3,940 mm/min2,200 mm/min4,430 mm/min4,430 mm/min2,794 mm/min690 mm/min1,140 mm/min1,600 mm/min2,060 mm2,510 mm/min
Input Voltage400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V
Input Current59 A103 A32 A131 A262 A54 A11 A15 A19.5 A28 A36 A
Input Power40.5 kVA71.4 kVA22.1 kVA90.6 kVA195.1 kVA37.4 kVA7.6 kVA10.4 kVA13.5 kVA19.4 kVA24.9 kVA
Process GasesAir, Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and F5Air, Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and F5Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, F5 and H35Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, F5 and H35Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, F5 and H35Air, Nitrogen and OxygenAirAirAirAirAir
ISO 9013 Cut Range2-42-42-42-42-44-555555

(1) Hypertherm recommended production pierce capacity
(2) Higher capacity with Argon-Assist piercing (XPR VWI & OptiMix only)

Power Of Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Systems


We chose Hypertherm technology for our Esprit machines as it delivers an unmatched cut quality for longer periods of time at half the operating cost. This is thanks to a range of patented plasma cutter & consumables breakthroughs, including True Hole, HyDefinition, and LongLife, which together form a unique system that enables powerful precision cutting for superior quality and consistency.

Power Of Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Systems

True Hole Technology

Bolt hole quality is delivered automatically without the need for secondary operations.

Hypertherm’s Patented True Hole technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than previously possible using plasma and narrows the gap with laser hole quality making the plasma process suitable for many jobs previously cut with a laser. Bolt hole quality with virtually no taper is delivered automatically without operator intervention.

True Hole technology is available on all Esprit machines fitted with Hypertherm XPR and HPR systems.

Hypertherm True Hole Technology

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Esprit Automation holds the largest demonstration facility of Hypertherm plasma systems & CNC plasma cutting machines in the UK. Discover the cut quality of Hypertherm’s true hole technology for yourself and take the chance to discuss your application with our engineers and experts. 

Rapid Part Technology

Hypertherm’s Rapid Part technology can increase production capability by up to 100% by reducing cut-to-cut cycle time (the time the arc is off), including the time from the last cut or pierce to the next one. Intelligent CAD/CAM & CNC technology ensures torch retraction and initial height sensing are eliminated or minimised based on material and part program context, and gas pre-flow occurs simultaneously.

Hypertherm Consumables Product Number example for XPR300 on Mild steel

Longlife Technology

This advanced Hypertherm technology optimises consumable life without requiring operator adjustment. The torch height control automatically and continuously samples and adjusts arc voltage to correct for consumable wear. This results in the correct torch height for optimal cut quality over the life of the consumables without requiring operator adjustment.

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Designed & Tested For Extreme Conditions

Each of the plasma cutting systems created by Hypertherm has undergone a rigorous development & testing process. After Hypertherm’s expert developers have perfected a system, it undergoes demanding testing procedures that are equivalent to many years of use. During this phase, it is subjected to a wide range of temperatures, humidity levels & vibrations.

To quote Hypertherm’s Vice President of Engineering, Aaron Brandt: “We test them until they break. Then we find the problem, fix it, and test them again, always under the most severe operating conditions – conditions far tougher than anything the product is likely to see in the real world.”

Esprit Automation integrates world-class hypertherm components in their CNC plasma cutters
Hypertherm Consumables for a High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

Consumables & Spares

Esprit hold the largest stocks of genuine Hypertherm plasma consumables and spare parts in the UK. Available ex-stock from our Nottingham facility we offer competitive pricing and superb service. We support current and discontinued machines and Hypertherm plasma cutting systems and offer same-day dispatch via a range of delivery services for orders received before 2.30 pm.

Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC

All machines in the Esprit range are specified with Hypertherm’s advanced EDGE Connect CNC. It is a dedicated plasma and flame cutting controller and has Hypertherm & Esprit’s extensive cutting knowledge and experience embedded inside. The intuitive 15” colour touch screen HMI with built-in wizards is easy to use and delivers outstanding machine performance.

Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC Controller On Esprit Machine
Hypertherm history
Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Sample
Hypertherm Plasma Cutting True Hole Technology
Esprit & Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Development
Hypertherm & Esprit Automation Engineers

A true Partnership

For almost 30 years, Esprit Automation and Hypertherm have worked closely together to develop better, more integrated solutions that deliver even higher levels of precision and cut quality. Together, we are considered the global pioneers in CNC cutting innovation & technology.

That is why Hypertherm also uses our flagship Lightning HD Machine as the golden standard for plasma cutting demonstrations in their European Center in Rosendaal, the Netherlands.

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