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Esprit Automation ltd Lightning HD CNC plasma cutting machine with transparent background

High Definition Precision Cutting

Esprit Automation ltd Viper CNC plasma cutting machine with transparent background

Heavy-Duty & Thick Plate Cutting

Esprit Automation ltd Arrow cnc plasma cutting machine with transparent background

Ductwork & Thin Sheet Cutting

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Photon 5G Fiber Laser

Ground-breaking axis speeds, an advanced visual nesting system, and a revolutionary CNC interface are just some of the features that make the Photon 5G a new benchmark in laser cutting.

Discover Our CNC Cutting Machines

Esprit Automation ltd CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Are you looking for a reliable & high precision cutting solution? Discover the Esprit CNC plasma cutting machines, which have a reputation for quality and reliability. Our experts will gladly help you determine the best solution for your application.

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4 oxifuel torches in action on a Esprit Automation ltd CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machines

Do you cut mild steel plates thicker than 50mm? Then have a look at Esprit’s wide range of CNC flame cutting machines which are rail based, designed for multi-head flame cutting and can also be combined with plasma cutting torches.

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Esprit Automation ltd second hand cnc plasma cutting machine

USED CNC Cutting Machines

Are you looking for a second hand CNC plasma cutting machine? Check out our large selection of fully refurbished CNC cutting machines available at our Nottingham facility. We fully strip down, paint and clean the parts and then reassemble the machine prior to testing.

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Esprit Automation

Esprit Automation is a leading manufacturer of CNC flame & plasma cutting machines in the UK. From our base in Nottingham, we supply a range of advanced sheet and plate metal cutting solutions for customers throughout the world.

All Esprit CNC cutting Machines are designed and produced on-site ensuring transparency and quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

With in-house CNC machining capabilities and a roster of highly skilled British engineers, our facility is equipped to produce equipment of remarkable performance and quality.

Esprit Automation have the knowledge and the experience to provide expert advice on any plate or sheet metal cutting application. Combined with comprehensive after-sales support Esprit can provide an unrivaled solution to your needs.


Esprit Automation integrates world-class hypertherm components in their CNC plasma cutters


Founded in 1986 by two engineering graduates from the University of Nottingham, Esprit has developed and grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of CNC cutting machines with sales in over thirty countries. Having manufactured in Nottingham, England from the beginning, Esprit Automation continues to be directed by a strong management team and a highly skilled and motivated British workforce.

Esprit Automation Designs & Manufactures in the UK since 1986

Customer Portfolio

We work closely with all customers, regardless of company size or industry type. From small UK enterprises to large global players, our customers cover a wide range of metal processing industries including general and precision sheet metal, fabrication, steel service-centres, HVAC ductwork and a wide variety of product manufacturers.


We recently installed an Esprit Arrow cutting machine at Ventilair UK ltd, a company operating in the HVAC industry. The Arrow’s small footprint and competitive pricing gives even the smallest workshops access to the latest CNC plasma cutting technology. The Arrow is the clear choice for HVAC ductwork, general sheet metalwork and light fabrication applications.

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The Esprit Viper CNC cutting machine was recently installed at this steelwork contractor because it was for them the most cost-effective way to perform their steel precision cuts. This Viper was installed with Hypertherm’s HyPerformance HPRXD and EDGE Pro CNC system, which gave their CNC cutting machine the smooth precision motion and high reliability they needed.

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This company installed 4 Lightning HD machines next to each other. They invested in the double length version of this CNC cutting machine for optimal productivity. They opted for the Lightning HD as they required for their components the highest cut quality in a heavy-duty environment and the overall costs are considerably lower than a laser cutting machine.

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What our customerS say

“Having dealt with Esprit for 8 years now we have purchased 2 cnc cutting machines from them and found them to be extremely well built. The cut quality is excellent from the thinnest to the thickest plates. From sales and management to technical and service all of their team are knowledgeable, helpful and dependable. They have helped us to grow and as such we would always recommend Esprit.”

John Ready

Operations Manager, Eggleston Steel Ltd.

“Thanks to our four Esprit Lightning HD1500 x 6.5 m machines the quality and quantity of BM catalysts being produced has increased exponentially.”

Toby Massey

Managing Director, BM Catalysts Ltd

“Your machine has revolutionised our business, it’s just coming up to the 2 years anniversary of the installation and already the machine has paid for its self. I cannot fault Esprit in the slightest for the after sales service. I am in the process of putting up a new unit on the site and Esprit will get my business again””

Barry Caulkett

Director, BA Caulkett Ltd

Esprit Automation ltd manufactering a CNC plasma cutter
Esprit Automation ltd Welding their own machines
Esprit Automation ltd CNC plasma cutting machine in action
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software development
Esprit Automation ltd finalizing the manufacturing of a CNC plasma cutting machine

Why choose ESPRIT

Our CNC flame & plasma cutting machines have a reputation for quality and reliability. Our engineering team has optimised every model to fully exploit the latest in flame & plasma cutting technology.


32 Years of Experience


Customised machine For Your needs


build with world-class components


Exceptional Customer & technical Service


Inhouse service engineers


Spare parts immediately available


Perfect Machine & software integration


Principal Hypertherm OEM Partner in the uk

We’d Love To Help Your Business Grow. Call Us On +44 (0)115 939 1888


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