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By combining laser cutting machine principles with the latest high-definition plasma cutting technology, the Lightning HD has evolved over the years to become the reference standard for high-precision plasma cutting.

The Lightning HD fully exploits the latest XPR plasma cutting technology to produce clean, square, dross-free cuts on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It offers high precision plasma cutting, even comparable with laser-cut parts in many cases. Flexible in size, this HD plasma cutter ranges from 3m x 1.5 upwards.

Specified with heavy-duty precision fabricated and machined structures, combined with hardened linear bearings, powerful digital drives, and precision transmissions; the Lightning HD offers market-leading precision and cut quality.


Fully Exploiting XPR and True Hole Technology to Give Laser Cut Quality with Plasma  


Direct Drive Rack & Pinion Precision Transmissions

Easy To Use

Touch Screen EDGE Connect CNC Controller & Laser Pen Pointer

Smart Design

Small Footprint & Unique Perimeter Safety System

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If you are looking for the best plasma cutter on the market, look no further than the Lightning HD. Advanced cutting technologies and intelligent systems produce astounding results. Precision motion control allows you to produce clean, precise, and repeatable cuts.

Improved angularity, reduced waste, increased consumable life, and rapid fault identification are just some of the features of our top range high definition plasma cutter that will boost your productivity and none of them require a single intervention from your operators.

High-Speed Engraver marking or fine inbuilt plasma marking are both available with the Lightning HD. This allows you to produce part numbers, bend lines or marking out for assembly quickly and easily.

For more information on our very best plasma cutting machine, give us a call or fill out the contact form. You are also very welcome to visit our facilities in Nottingham for a live demo.

Esprit Automation Lightning HD Plasma Cutter in Action
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD Safety Perimeter Feature
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD Cables are wired inside for safety reasons
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter installed
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD Edge Connect CNC Controller
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD heavy duty precision fabricated and machined structures close-up

Smart Machine Design

Every detail of the Lightning HD has been carefully thought out and designed to the highest standard. The highly robust & compact design makes the machine capable of exploiting the full potential of high-definition plasma cutting.


High Accuracy even on heavy plates

The cutting table is also structurally independent from the machine, which is ideal for loading heavy plates since accidental shocks will not affect the performance.


Simple and Intuitive Controller

Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect Plasma Controller offers advanced features and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, so intensive staff training is not required.


A unique perimeter safety system

A unique safety system, with an assigned perimeter and an emergency stop, stops the machine instantly in the event of a collision to protect the safety of your operators.


Build to last & protect

For operator safety and long machine life, the important cables and hoses are placed inside a rugged enclosure, a heavy-duty sheath designed for harsh environments.


Easy Machine Setup

Laser spot identification to locate plate edges simplifies machine setup, one of the many time-saving features incorporated into the Lightning HD.

Hypertherm XPR 300 Plasma Cutting System

Hypertherm XPR or HPR

The Lightning HD could be equipped with Hypertherm’s HPR cutting systems or the new XPR plasma cutting technology. HPR is known to cut fine feature parts with superior quality and consistency. The new XPR technology even further improves productivity, reduces operating costs even more, and has an unparalleled performance on all thicknesses.

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Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Package Procut

ProCut Cad/Cam Software

Procut is an advanced nesting solution that has been designed internally by Esprit to incorporate all our know-how and experience in CNC cutting. For more than 25 years, Procut has been continuously upgraded and used worldwide by sheet metal machining companies. Procut is straightforward user-friendly and allows users to cut the best possible holes.

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Esprit Automation Ltd IRIS Plasma Cutting Software

Live Monitoring With IRIS

Maximizing uptime and increasing productivity are essential for our customers. Therefore, Esprit worked to develop an in-house solution called IRIS. This system allows you to monitor your Esprit cutting machine in real-time, track the amount of pierces per consumable and check your cutting efficiency 24 hours a day.

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“Thanks to our four Esprit Lightning HD1500 x 6.5 m machines the quality and quantity of BM catalysts being produced has increased exponentially.”

Toby Massey

Managing Director, BM Catalysts Ltd


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