Metal & Plasma Cutting Software Created by Experts

30+ Years Of Metal Cutting Software development

Since its formation in 1986, Esprit Automation has developed innovation after innovation in the field of metal sheet and plate cutting. From the beginning, the software division of the business has used the extensive knowledge and experience gained from designing, manufacturing, and supporting the company.

CAD/CAM Software

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Procut cad/CAM

This celebrated CAD/CAM CNC plasma software package was created by our own Esprit Automation experts and is designed to fully exploit the power of your CNC cutting machine

Esprit Automation Camduct HVAC cnc software


Autodesk released this powerful fabrication software application for HVAC manufacturing and ductwork nearly three decades ago, and its performance is still unmatched.

ERP & Remote Monitoring Software

Esprit Automation Promanager CNC Management Software


Promanager is our comprehensive Manufacturing Management System that will streamline & optimize your entire business process from enquiry to production, delivery & follow-up.

Esprit Automation IRIS CNC Software


IRIS is a powerful tool to empower our customers and to help minimise unnecessary downtime. IRIS makes an open book of your machine, with a wide range of real-time information.


A CNC machine is a big investment, whether you are a large company or an SME. When you finally do make the call to buy your own machine or to upgrade to a superior model, you will want to make sure the investment delivers maximum ROI.

Thanks to the Esprit Automation CNC plasma software packages, you will be able to get the most out of your machine. From top-of-the-line nesting software that optimizes the fit of different manufacturing parts into a single sheet of raw material to full-fledged Manufacturing Management Systems that streamline your overall production process, Esprit offers the right CNC plasma software solutions tailored to your needs.

Best of all, our CNC plasma software is entirely developed with user-friendliness in mind. Each solution is easy to use, even for inexperienced operators.

Software Nesting on a Metal Sheet plate cut by the Lightning HD Plasma Cutter
Esprit Machines & Procut cnc software

A Perfect Match

The combination of an Esprit Automation plasma or flame cutting machine with a Procut CNC plasma software package creates an unparalleled system for fast and reliable precision cutting. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Discover our range of machines today.

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cnc software designed by plasma cutting experts

engineering expertise

Our CNC software is not just created by expert developers. Also, our machine & service engineers are closely involved to make sure the result is as effective as it is practical and user-friendly. Thanks to our unique CNC cutting expertise we can deliver a product that has been created by the ones who need to use it. 

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Discover Esprit CNC Software During A Factory Visit

See it for yourself

We are very happy to invite you to come and visit our facilities in Nottingham to experience first-hand the power and ease of use of our different CNC plasma software solutions. If you give us the information in advance, we can even create your specific application or component right there and then.

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Esprit Automation Viper Operated by CNC software
Esprit offers great after sales support
Esprit Automation Team
Esprit Automation Software
Esprit Engineers give input on CNC software

TRaining & Support

Our UK-based training and support services are second to none with regular training courses held at our Nottingham facility for beginners and more experienced users.


Tailored plasma Software solution

We don’t just sell software packages, we sell solutions. Our experts will start with your specific application and needs and recommend the best solution.


Impeccalbe follow-up

It always takes a bit to get used to new software. That is why we are happy to help with any questions or issues you might have, especially in those first few weeks.


we know plasma cutting

With 30+ years of experience designing and building metal cutting machines as their matching CNC plasma software, we can offer a unique level of insight and expertise.

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