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We can help you finance your business growth

By choosing to finance your laser cutter machine directly via Esprit, you benefit from a one-stop machine & financing solution completely tailored to you and your business needs.



Choose the payment plan that enables your company to grow.


Esprit Automation has been helping UK businesses grow since 1986.

One Stop

No need to run back and forth to banks. Get your machine & financing in one place.

No Hidden Rates

We offer simple and clear financing solutions. No hidden costs or extra rates.

Laser Financing Calculator

Although all of our financing solutions are tailored to our client’s needs, we understand that it can help to already get a first idea of the different options.

Use the below laser financing calculator to get a sense of our interest rates and payment plans.  Choose the total amount you are looking to borrow, the initial deposit, and the payback period. Provide your credit rating for a more accurate estimate.

* This calculator is intended only as an approximate calculation of the monthly payment amount. Please contact us for a comprehensive & tailored quote.

Flexible Funding

Whether you’re a Private Company (Ltd) or a Public Company (PLC), our portfolio of finance solutions will be tailored toward your business needs. Through a simple application process, we will be able to understand your specific situation and come up with a quick and competitive finance solution.

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Esprit Automation Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Through payments via instalments your business will be able to own one of our machines instead of having to pay everything upfront and compromising your cash flow. At the end of the scheme, you then either pay for the machine or upgrade your asset finance. 

We have the ability to give you various options as we’re not bound to one funder. Instead, we have a portfolio of asset finance providers that are keen to do deals.

In addition, through our expertise having dealt with machines and finance for a long time, we’re able to get you quick answers, so you can decide on a machine purchase within days.

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