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Procut CAD/CAM is a cutting software that has been designed and developed in-house by Esprit since 1986 and it incorporates the knowledge and experience that only a machine manufacturer can accrue.

The experience gained from designing, manufacturing, and supporting a wide range of CNC cutting machines helped us to produce informed software applications that will allow you to achieve the very best results from your machine investments.

Procut CAD/CAM software has been designed specifically for flatbed cutting applications and in addition to plasma and flame cutting.

True Hole technology guarantees excellent hole quality with hole diameter to thickness ratios from 1:1 to 2:1 Our Procut software developers then created Smart Hole Technology to allow you to produce holes down to 0.75:1 and up to 5.1. This allows you to produce fantastic bolt-ready holes across a far greater range of diameters than anyone else, giving market-leading cut quality.

Procut CAD/CAM Software At A Glance


Best Hole Quality

Procut CAD/CAM software provides the best cut quality for all Hypertherms XPR systems


Extended True Hole

Delivering True Hole down to 0.75x
material thickness with XPR300


Esprit Smart Hole

Producing stunning hole quality from 2-5x material thickness

Ribbon Interface

Easy-to-use interface, saves time and produces results fast

XPR 50 A Process

Exceptional speed and hole quality
for 3-6 mm mild steel


Procut Supports DXF, DWG, Tekla (Trimble) NC1, Advanced Steel (Autodesk) NC1

Esprit Automation Procut CAD CAM Software

CAD/CAM Software Tailored To Your Needs

Procut has been designed specifically for flatbed cutting applications and in addition to plasma and flame cutting it supports selected laser and waterjet machines.

Procut CAD/CAM software has comprehensive drawing facilities, flexible CAD import capabilities, and powerful automatic and interactive nesting systems. Integrated plasma marking module, 3D shape development, and many other options can be specified to tailor the Procut system for any flatbed cutting application. Check the feature overview table below, and we will gladly assist in tailoring your Procut CAD/CAM software to your specific needs!

The new ribbon interface makes Procut even easier to use. Simple to navigate and intuitive to use, the new interface improves workflow and saves you time, with powerful features only a few clicks away.

Procut supports not only Hypertherm CNC but it supports a vast array of different CNC brands. 

Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Package Procut
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Package Procut shapes database

✓ Included ★ Optional Additional ModuleProcut Lite Procut AdvanceProcut Professional
Profile Definition
DXF Import/Export
CNC Communication
Manual Nesting

Plate Marking

Pre-Apply Kerf

Outline Text

Automatic Nesting

Standard Shapes & 3D Developments

Extended True Hole & Smart Hole

Group Nest

DWG Import/Export

DSTV (NC1 files) Import

Parts & Plates

✓ Included ★ Optional Additional Module

Procut Will Boost Your True Hole Possibilities

What is True Hole?

True Hole, patented by Hypertherm, is a  technology for mild steel which produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma.

Bolt hole quality with virtually no taper is delivered automatically without operator intervention.

It is exclusively available for use in conjunction with Hypertherm’s HPRXD plasma systems and the XPR 170 & XPR300 systems.

Hypertherm true hole technology differences

Is there a maximum thickness for True Hole?

True Hole is automatically applied by Procut software to thicknesses from 3mm up to 25 mm.

Hole diameter to material thickness ratio for True Hole?

Standard True Hole technology coverage, ranges from hole diameter to thickness ratios 2:1 to 1:1.

Superb Holes Up To 5:1 with Procut

The hole diameter to material thickness ratio with True Hole only varies from 2:1 to 1:1.

Having access to large holes with equivalent cut quality to XPR170 & 300 True Hole is a huge advantage for a number of customers in various industries.

Therefore, Esprit’s in-house software development team created Smart Hole for Procut. When combined with True Hole, Smart Hole delivers excellent hole quality up to 5:1 and is automatically applied for mild steel cutting of thicknesses up to 25 mm where True Hole is not available.

Procut also extends True Hole quality on small holes?

The Procut software delivers True Hole down to 0.75x material thickness with XPR170 & 300.

extended true hole and smart hole
Procut Trueshape Automatic Nesting feature

Automatic Nesting

This module uses a true-shape algorithm to automatically nest profiles onto plates. Simply specify the quantity of each individual component required and Autonest will systematically generate nests that include all the selected profiles, create CNC programs ready for downloading and produce printouts. The nest files generated are saved in the standard Procut Nesting format thus allowing the user to manually modify any nest once generated by Autonest.

Standard Shapes & 3D Developments

Standard shapes provide both novice and experienced CAD users with a comprehensive library of 151 easy-to-modify profiles, and twenty-one 3D Developments. These libraries save hours when producing repetitive shapes or complex 3D parts, for example, an offset square-to-round transition can be accurately developed quickly.

Procut-shapes-database & 3D developments
Plate Marking option on the Procut CAD/CAM software

Plate Marking

Marking enables an operator to mark part numbers, positioning marks, fold lines, and any other visual guides through plasma arc marking, a pin stamp marker, or even a simple pen.

This makes secondary manufacturing processes such as forming or welding significantly quicker and easier.

Import files from many Design & CAD Software

Procut imports data from many CAD & Steel Design packages, saving both time and expense and providing further flexibility for businesses.

DXF Import/Export module allows you to import/export DXF format files from the majority of CAD packages.

DWG Import/Export module allows you to import/export Autodesk DWG format files.

The DSTV Convert module allows NC format files used by building design CAD programs, such as Tekla Structures or Autodesk Advance Steel to be easily converted, saving hours of time with every batch of files.

Procut imports data from many Steel design & CAD software packages
Text Outline Module With Procut CAD CAM Software

Outline Text Module

The outline text module is used for cutting letters and numbers out of metal. Usually, this module is used for signage work or branding.

Other Powerful Procut Features

Simplify Geometry with Procut

Simplify Geometry

Reduces the number of entities in a drawing, typically when a lot of small lines and arcs are used to create curves. Reducing the number of entities and smoothing curves will improve cut quality. This is useful for imported drawings, especially DXF files where the native software has broken entities into smaller sections during the export process. Also useful with 3D Developments to smooth out curves on designs created.

 Save as Separate Profiles

Separate Profiles

Allows for an existing drawing, which contains several profiles, to be saved into separate files with an individual profile. This is useful for imported drawings where users can have several profiles in one drawing and when using 3D Developments, to split the development into separate profiles to make nesting of these individual profiles easier.

Chain Linking With Procut

Chain Linking

Helps reduce the number of pierces for a nest of parts, reducing the amount of wear on consumables, and making them last longer. Chain Linking keeps the plasma torch cutting between profiles i.e. it will pierce for profile #1, cut it out and then continue to cut from that profile in the scrap area between profiles onto the start point for profile #2, and so on.

Software Training at Esprit Automation Ltd

Support & Training

Our UK-based training and support services are second to none with regular CAD/CAM software training courses held at our Nottingham facility for beginners and more experienced users. Also, feel free to contact us for refresher training or if you would like to schedule training for new operators.

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Do you want control over all aspects of your cutting operations? ProManager keeps control of what’s going on along with all the associated costs. From enquiry & quotation right through to delivery, transport planning, and invoicing. Discover how you could streamline your cutting process like a pro.

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Esprit Automation Ltd IRIS Plasma Cutting Software

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Maximising uptime and minimising downtime is essential to our customers. Not satisfied with ‘on-demand’ remote access to diagnose problems after the event, Esprit set about developing a solution in-house. The result, IRIS – a system that monitors your Esprit cutting machine in real-time.

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Well done to the team on Procut 2019. Navigation is easy and very natural, with some great touches for that little bit of extra speed

Procut User

15 Years

True Hole at 0.75 material thickness is a huge bonus. Prior to we would drill small holes. This is a great improvement to reduce extra tasks!

Procut User

18 Years

All holes are superb. On thick material, Smart Hole is better than True Hole!

Procut User

14 Years

Cut quality is fantastic and it makes cutting thin plate much quicker.

Procut User

17 Years

“Procut CAD/CAM software is easy, saves time, and produces results. It literally takes minutes to make a part to having it in our hands. The Navigation is easy and very natural, with some great touches for that little bit of extra speed.”

Martin Davies

Managing Director, Professional Fabrication Services Ltd

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