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Gas or flame-cutting machines continue to play an important part in industry. Esprit Automation offers state-of-the-art CNC flame cutting machines which are optimised for a wide range of different applications. Propane or Acetylene is the most commonly selected fuel gases, although other fuel gases can be specified. The Esprit Viper, Lightning S and Cobra machines are rail-based machines designed for multi-head flame cutting. Heating and cutting gases are controlled by the EDGE Connect CNC and a proportional gas control system with rapid pre-heating is specified as standard on all machines to minimise operator error. Esprit CNC flame cutters are known for performance, reliability, and productivity, and have been helping UK businesses grow since 1986.



We Can Adapt The Size of The Machine to Best Suit Your Application


Our Machines are Known For Their Robust Design & High-Quality Build


EDGE Connect CNC Controller & Proportional Gas Control System

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Our CNC Flame Cutting Machines

Esprit Automation Viper CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


Our heavy-duty CNC flame cutting machine can offer your business continuous, heavy plate oxy-fuel cutting up to 300mm.

Esprit Automation Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale

Lightning S

The Lightning S is optimised for precision flame cutting and can be fitted with up to six oxy-fuel flame
cutting torches.

Esprit Automation Cobra CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Sale


Our cost-effective CNC flame cutting machine for if you require medium to heavy plate cutting. Ideal for any general profiling.

A Tailored CNC Flame Cutting Machine

We have been in this industry for more than 30 years, and realise every business has its own specific needs.

That is why our team of experts will always start by looking together with you at the specific application. Elements such as material types & their thickness, cut quality requirements, production capacity needs, and size constraints will have an impact on what is the best CNC flame cutting solution for you.

Esprit have the largest plasma & flame cutting demonstration facility in the UK and we are very happy to invite you to see our range of CNC flame cutting machines in person. We can even cut your specified component right there on the spot so you can see and feel the difference in the unparalleled quality we offer.

So please contact us today by telephone or send an email by using our contact form, let Esprit Automation show how we can help your business grow.

We look forward to discussing your CNC flame-cutting application!

Esprit Automation Ltd CNC Flame Cutting Machine Closeup

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Take the chance to discuss with our engineers and experts your cut quality requirements, thickness, size, material types, and production capacity needs. Experience in person the increased productivity our Esprit flame cutting machines could offer.

Oxy Fuel Flame Cutting Systems


Oxy-fuel flame cutting can cut carbon steel up to 300 mm and beyond with a good, clean square cut. Cutting speeds
are slower than plasma but additional cutting torches can be added at a relatively low cost which can boost productivity.

Esprit Automation CNC Gas & Flame Cutter Software


Procut CAD/CAM software has been in use for over a quarter of a century in the UK and around the world. It is powerful yet incredibly easy to use. Our expert knowledge is embedded into the software so the benefits can be realised even by inexperienced users.

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Esprit Automation CNC Flame Cutting Filtration Solutions

EXTRACTION & Filtration

Flame & gas cutting produces fume and dust which needs to be drawn away from the working environment. Our team of experts will help you choose the right extraction and filtration solution that will ensure a clean & safe working space.

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Esprit Automation ltd manufactering a CNC flame cutter
Esprit has a large stock of CNC flame cutting Consumables
Esprit Automation CNC Gas Cutter Software Training in Nottingham
Esprit Automation CNC flame Cutting Software
Esprit Automation CNC flame Cutting Service Engineers

After Sales Support

When you have a business to run, downtime is not an option. That is why Esprit Automation is determined to offer best-in-class after-sales service to make sure your CNC flame cutting machine can run at max capacity. Thanks to our team of in-house engineers, backed up by large stocks of spare parts and cutting consumables, our customers have the assurance that any issues will be dealt with quickly and professionally.


GUIDED Implementation

Our team of project managers, engineers & trainers will help & guide your organization to make all necessary preparations, ensuring fast & smooth implementation of your CNC flame cutting machine.


CNC FLAME Machine Specialists

With 30+ years of experience, we are proud to say we have the most knowledgeable team of technical service engineers in the UK.


One Stop Shop customer support

Whether you need help with installing, training, software, servicing, spare parts, or breakdowns, we have electrical, mechanical, and software experts in-house and at your disposal.


Large Stock Of Consumables & Spares

Esprit hold the largest stocks of gas & flame cutting consumables and spare parts in the UK.  Receive your needed parts as fast as the next day.


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