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By combining expert engineering knowledge with the latest high-precision flame & plasma metal cutting technology, the Lightning S is able to deliver quality and productivity levels normally not associated with rail-based CNC machines.

This robust CNC metal cutter is built to last for years and can be fitted with one of the precision Hypertherm plasma systems up to 400 A, or up to 6 oxy-fuel torches.

We will tailor the Lightning S to your exact needs & available space, with available cutting widths from 1.5m to 3m and a cutting length of up to 20m.

High performance

Hypertherm Technology


MAximum productivity

Multiple Cutting Torches

Easy To Use

Straightforward Touch Screen 

Quick installation 

Machine Shipped on Base Rail Set

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The Esprit Lightning S CNC plasma metal cutting machines have an innovative linked rail design that delivers high machine stability.

Extensive engineering development has produced a metal cutting machine that delivers high quality and productivity not normally associated with rail-based machines.

The heavy-duty machined fabrications combine with precision linear guidance, direct rack, and pinion transmissions, and digital brushless drives to give smooth, precise motion for the best cut quality.

The Lightning S is optimised for precision plasma cutting up to 400 A and can be fitted with up to six oxy-fuel flame cutting torches and a range of marking options. Cutting sizes can be specified from 3 m x 1.5 m up to 20 m x 3 m wide.

For more information about our Lightning S CNC metal cutting machine, get in touch with us via the contact form or give us a call.

Esprit Automation Lightning S Superior CNC Metal Cutter Closeup on the Torch
Esprit Automation Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutter Shed and machine structure
Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutter Rail system and machine structure
Esprit Automation Ltd Lightning HD Edge Pro CNC Controller
Lightning S CNC Plasma Cutter Precision linear guidance


The Lightning S enables high-quality in-house CNC metal cutting thanks to the combination of powerful Hypertherm technology and 32 years of experience building industry-leading machinery. Easy to use and always reliable, the Lightning S is the smart solution for all your metal cutting needs.


High precision

The Lightning S machines offer unparalleled precision and cutting performance due to the innovative linked rail concept which increases machine rigidity.


VERSATILE applications

From structural steel to the marine industry, the Lightning S is the perfect CNC metal cutting solution for any business.


ensure operator safety

Integrated safety features such as the sliding safety system and spark screens ensure operator safety.


HIGH rigidity

Innovative linked rail design combined with heavy-duty precision rails produces high machine rigidity which translates to precision cutting at high plasma cutting speeds.


Build to last

One look at the Lightning S and you will immediately see that these robust machines are designed & built to last for years.

Esprit Automation is a Leading Distributor of Hypertherm Product

esprit & Hypertherm

Esprit Automation is one of Hypertherm’s leading OEM partners in the plasma cutting industry and is also one of the largest official distributors of Hypertherm products. We offer the full range of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems on all of our machines and we have a large stock of consumables and spare parts available for immediate dispatch from our Nottingham site.

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Esprit Automation ProManager Management Execution System Software

Promanager Software

ProManager is a high-performance manufacturing execution system (MES), developed right here by our very own experts. The software allows you to keep track of and control all the actions relating to your production process. From raw materials & enquiry to finished product & delivery, ProManager will be an indispensable partner every step of the way.

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Esprit Automation Ltd CNC Metal Cutting Maintenance Service

maintenance service

We offer a range of preventative maintenance service contracts to suit each machine type and its duty cycle. Typically, one of our experienced engineers will visit two to four times a year and give your Esprit cutting machine a detailed inspection and service. Should any issue be identified, it will be immediately addressed before the production is hampered.

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“Your machine has revolutionised our business, it’s just coming up to the 2 years anniversary of the installation and already the machine has paid for itself”… “I am in the process of putting up a new unit on the site and Esprit will get my business again.”

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