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Refurbished CNC Machines From Esprit

Many satisfied Esprit customers come back to us years after their first purchase to replace their old Esprit with a new one. Therefore, we have a selection of used plasma cutters available at our Nottingham facility that is fully rebuilt. Generally, we strip down a machine and we fully clean, repaint and re-wire it, so it is fully refurbished with an attractive price. It will leave our works looking like a new machineEsprit want customers who buy a used machine to return to buy new in the years to come. In some cases, all new electrical systems have been fitted to bring machines up to the latest specification including CNC, drives, and height controls. Some machines have Hypertherm True Hole technology and are “as new” specifications at a significantly reduced price.



Each Used CNC Plasma Cutter Is Stripped & Checked By Experts


Although Used, Our Second Hand CNC Plasma Cutter Will Last For Years


All Our Machines Are Made & Reburbished By British Experts In Nottingham, UK

Great Support

Also On Our Used CNC Plasma Cutters We Offer After Sales Service & Support 

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As plasma technology and machine performance improve over time, some of our customers return to purchase a new gas or plasma cutting machine. We appreciate that a plasma cutting machine is a large investment, so we occasionally take our customers used Hypertherm plasma cutters in part-exchange for their new one.

These used machines are then re-manufactured in our factory. The refurbishment process involves stripping down the machine or cutter down to component form. Every component is then carefully checked over by our engineers, with non-serviceable parts, such as the plasma torch, being replaced, metalwork repainted, and the machine re-commissioned ready for another lease of life with a new owner. If the used CNC plasma machines have had a particularly careful owner, then the result is a refurbished machine that will again deliver top-notch performance for decades to come.

In addition to the remanufactured Esprit machines we have in stock, we occasionally have other used CNC plasma cutter machines available for sale.

Please give our sales team a call and arrange to visit our Nottingham facility to view our used and remanufactured CNC plasma cutters.

Esprit-Automation working on a used CNC plasma cutting machine
Esprit-Automation working on a used CNC plasma cutting machine in our factory

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Differences Between Used Plasma Cutters

Every used CNC plasma cutter we receive for our refurbishing process is different. Moreover, in order to sell you the second-hand CNC plasma cutting machine that best fits your application business needs we could also slightly adjust the remanufacturing and add some extra upgrades. Therefore, we recommend all our customers contact us to see which used CNC plasma cutters we currently have in stock and how can provide you with the best possible solution.

Available Used CNC Plasma Cutters

Esprit Automation Lightning HD used CNC Plasma Cutter UK For Sale

Lightning HD

  • 3m x 1.5m
  • 2012
  • Edge Pro CNC
  • Hypertherm HPR260XD
Esprit Automation Arrow CNC Plasma Cutter For Sale


  • 3m x 1.5m
  • 2011
  • Edge Pro CNC
  • Hypertherm Powermax45
Esprit Automation Cobra used CNC Plasma Cutter UK


  • 4m x 2m
  • 2009
  • Edge Pro CNC
  • HPR130XD + 2 Gas Torches

Available Used Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Esprit Automation Lightning HD used CNC Plasma Cutter UK For Sale

Photon 5G – 15kW

  • 1.5 x 3m or 2 x 4m
  • 2023
  • 15 kW IPG Fiber Laser Source

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Our Used CNC Plasma Cutters Use Hypertherm Components

Hypertherm components 

All of our second-hand CNC plasma cutter machines are refurbished using genuine Hypertherm cutting systems & components.  Esprit Automation is Hypertherm’s principal OEM partner and largest official distributor in the UK & Ireland.

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Esprit Automation Used CNC Plasma Cutter Software Pac

NEW Esprit Software

One of the key components that get upgraded in our used Hypertherm plasma cutters is the software.  Esprit offers powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use software packages, as well as training & support for your full organization.

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Esprit Automation Used CNC Plasma Cutter Filtration Solutions

ADD A Filtration Solution

In addition to your second-hand CNC plasma cutter, we offer a wide selection of highly reliable extraction and filtration systems that will make sure the cutting fumes & dust are safely drawn away from the working environment.

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Esprit Automation ltd welding a used plasma cutter
Esprit offers a large stock of Hypertherm Consumables
Esprit Automation new Hypertherm component on used plasma cutter
Esprit Automation new parts for refurbished plasma cutting machine
Esprit Automation refurbishing a used cnc plasma cutting machine

After Sales Support

Customers who purchase a used CNC plasma cutting machine can count on our best-in-class after-sales service & support. Thanks to our very own team of engineers, backed by the largest stock of Hypertherm parts & consumables in the UK, we can address any service or support need swiftly & effectively.


Fast & Smooth Implementation

Our team of experts will guide your organization in making the needed preparations, as well as offer in-depth training on how the use your second-hand CNC plasma cutting machine.


30+ years of EXperience

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience designing, producing, and servicing CNC machinery & software, we know these machines inside & out.



Whether you need certain consumables fast, or you’re faced with a mechanical or software problem, there is one number you need to call, we take care of the rest.


Large Stock Of Consumables & Spares

There isn’t a company in the UK that has a larger supply of genuine Hypertherm spare parts or consumables than Esprit Automation.

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