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The Esprit plate beveling machine will cut components with a range of bevel details suitable for straight and radius edge weld preps, countersinks, and a range of other component specifications.

The Multibevel has an Esprit-engineered precision bevel head and fully integrated True Bevel technology from Hypertherm for quicker set-up and more accurate bevel cutting.

The Multibevel is a heavy-duty CNC machine tool optimised for plasma bevel cutting applications and integrates with Hypertherm HPR260XD or HPR400XD HyPerformance plasma cutting systems.



precision bevel

Hypertherm True Bevel Technology


Sizes Available To Suit Any Application


Advanced Bevel Head Design

Smart Design

Small Footprint & Unique Perimeter Safety System

Esprit Automation Ltd Multibevel CNC Plasma Plate Bevelling Machine

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Precision Plate Beveling

If you are looking for the best plate beveling machine on the market the Esprit Multibevel is the one for you. Advanced bevel head design and powerful Hypertherm systems produce a remarkable cut quality.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art laser pen pointer system, plate positioning & alignment will be perfect every time, even when the plate beveling machine is operated by an inexperienced worker.

The Esprit plate beveler will handle plates up to 50 mm thick and covers V, A, and Top-Y style cuts with ±45° limits. Secondary machining operations can be significantly reduced or eliminated offering huge secondary operation savings.

Give us a call today to get more information about our plate beveling machine, or to make an appointment to visit our facilities in Nottingham for a live demo and factory tour.

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Esprit Automation Ltd Multibevel Plasma Cutter
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The Esprit Automation Multibevel is a heavy-duty plasma cutter, strong & powerful yet precise and reliable. Its low-profile floor-mounted rails ensure high accessibility and stability, while the True Bevel technology from Hypertherm allows more accurate bevel cutting.


Durable for heavy plate work

Thank to its reinforced design, assembled by expert craftsmen, this sturdy plate beveling machine is capable of managing heavy-duty applications.


Plate Beveling MAde EASY

Ease of use is guaranteed by powerful Hypertherm windows-based CNC & a 15” colour touch screen display. Even more inexperienced workers can operate the Esprit Multibevel. The remote diagnostic capability will also ensure rapid fault identification.


SAFE working area

All our plate beveling machines are fitted with a unique safety system, which will instantly stop the machine in case of a collision or if the emergency button is pushed.


hypertherm technology

The Multibevel has integrated True Bevel technology from Hypertherm, delivering the most accurate & reliable bevel cutting available on the market today.


Long Torch Life

Our magnetic torch collision protection system will smartly disengage if you accidentally hit or drag the torch. Reattaching the torch is quick & easy, and the system will resume its cutting path where it stopped.

Esprit Automation Plate Beveling Machine Allows Easy Marking


The Esprit Multibevel plate beveling machine comes with easy and accurate plate marking options for part numbers, bending lines, or marking out for assembly. These additional processes can eliminate many manual marking out tasks and save hours of production time.

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Esprit Automation is the Official OEM Partner of Hypertherm in the UK


Since 1990, we have exclusively integrated Hypertherm plasma cutting systems with Esprit machines and this has given our technical service staff unparalleled knowledge and experience supporting and servicing the full range of Hypertherm equipment. We hold large stocks of Hypertherm spare parts.

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Esprit Automation Ltd Plate Beveling Machine Service & Support


Our factory-based service personnel will initially work with your machine operator or maintenance engineer to learn as much as possible about the nature of the fault. Our mobile
engineers can then arrive with appropriate spare parts with a view to
completing the repair on the first visit.

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“Your machine has revolutionised our business, it’s just coming up to the 2 years anniversary of the installation and already the machine has paid for itself”… “I am in the process of putting up a new unit on the site and Esprit will get my business again.”

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