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Flexible Plasma Bevelling

The Esprit Multibevel machine will cut components with a range of bevel details suitable for straight and radius edge weld preps, countersinks and a range of other component specifications. The Multibevel has an Esprit engineered precision bevel head and fully integrated True Bevel technology from Hypertherm for quicker set-up and more accurate bevel cutting. The machine will handle plates up to 50 mm thick and covers V, A, and Top-Y style cuts with ±45° limits. Secondary machining operations can be significantly reduced or eliminated offering huge secondary operation savings.

The Multibevel is a heavy duty CNC machine tool optimised for plasma bevel cutting applications and integrates with Hypertherm HPR260XD or HPR400XD HyPerformance plasma cutting systems.

Multibevel Design Features

  • Advanced Bevel Head Design … Precision Bevel & Conventional Cutting
  • Hypertherm True Bevel Technology … Ease of Setup
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty Fabricated & Machined Design Durable for Heavy Work
  • Sizes Available To Suit Any Application … Flexible
  • Low Profile Floor Mounted Rails … High Stability & Accessibility
  • Overhead Cable Chain Handling … Ease of Access
  • Unique Perimeter Safety System … Safe Working Area
  • Laser Pen Pointer For Plate Positioning & Alignment … Easy Set Up
  • Powerful AC Brushless Drives … High Dynamic Performance
  • Direct Drive Rack & Pinion Transmissions … Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Ball Screw Digital Torch Height Control … Best Cut Quality
  • Magnetic Torch Collision Protection … Longer Torch Life
  • Powerful Hypertherm Windows Based CNC … Ease of Use
  • 15” Colour Touch Screen Display & Wizards … Ease of Use
  • Hypertherm True Hole Capable … The Best Plasma Cut Holes
  • Hypertherm Rapid Part Technology Enabled … Automatic Productivity Increases
  • Hypertherm Consumable Optimisation … Up to 3x Longer Consumable Life
  • Remote Diagnostic Capability … Rapid Fault Identification
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The EDGE Pro CNC incorporates all the latest technology for optimised machine performance and ease of use. The Ethernet digital on-machine network ensures the very best contouring performance for accurate parts. The intuitive user interface via the 15” colour touch screen and on-screen wizards allow even inexperienced operators to achieve great results. Closely integrated with the HPR XD plasma systems, the EDGE Pro exploits plasma’s full potential.

HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine feature parts with superior quality and consistency, virtually eliminating the cost of secondary operations.
Available in four sizes, the HPR XD plasma cutting systems cover all applications. Cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium from gauge to 50mm and beyond, the HPR XD units produce high quality, consistent results over the life of the consumables. HyPerformance plasma delivers unprecedented cutting speed & quality.

Oxy-fuel cutting can cut carbon steels up to 300mm and beyond with a good, clean square cut. Cutting speeds are slower than plasma but additional cutting torches can be added at relatively low cost so multiple torch cutting can boost productivity. Propane or Acetylene (or other gases on request) can be specified as the fuel gas. Options such as automatic torch ignition and capacitive height control are available.

Multibevel: Designed & Engineered By Experts

The Multibevel machine is built to the same exacting standards of all Esprit machines, with integrated True Bevel technology from Hypertherm for unparalleled productivity. It is flexible enough to suit any application and is exceedingly durable with its reinforced machined & fabricated body design.

Every Multibevel machine is modelled and engineered by our design engineers using the Creo 3D software for precision, safety, and quality.

The precision gearboxes fitted to Multibevel machines are mounted on twin linear bearings for smooth and precise power transmission..

As standard, Multibevel machines are fitted with the unique Esprit perimeter safety system to protect workers. All Esprit machines are fully CE marked.

The Multibevel machine sits on low profile floor mounted rails, ensuring stability and accessibility never becomes an issue.

Multibevel Customer Applications

  • Ship building
  • Yellow goods manufacture
  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Service Centre
  • Machinery Manufacture
  • Large Fabrication
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Offshore infrastructure
  • HGV Trailer Manufacture
  • Skip & Waste Handling Equipment
  • Fork truck & Crane Manufacture
  • Windfarm tower Manufacture
  • Mining equipment manufacture

Multibevel Machine Options

  • HPR130XD Plasma – 25mm
  • HPR260XD Plasma – 38mm
  • HPR400XD Plasma – 50mm
  • HPR800XD Plasma – 150mm
  • Full range of Hypertherm Plasma
  • Oxy-fuel Flame Cutting – 300mm
  • Bed sizes from 3×1.5m to 50×6.5m
  • Up to 8 cutting torches
  • Fume-extraction cutting tables
  • Under water cutting tables
  • Duct extraction / filtration system
  • High speed Pin-matrix marking
  • Procut CAD/CAM nesting software

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  • "Having dealt with Esprit for 8 years now we have purchased 2 machines from them and found them to be extremely well built. The cut quality is excellent from the thinnest to the thickest plates. From sales and management to technical and service all of their team are knowledgeable, helpful and dependable. They have helped us to grow and as such we would always recommend Esprit."
    - John Ready I General Manager I Eggleston Steel Ltd.
  • "Thanks to our four Esprit Lightning HD1500 x 6.5 m machines the quality and quantity of BM catalysts being produced has increased exponentially."
    - Toby Massey I Managing Director I BM Catalysts Ltd
  • "Don't know why I didn't get one of these machines 10 years ago"
    - Ivan Patterson I Managing Director I Barker and Patterson