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It’s not the end when you buy an Esprit machine, it’s just the beginning. 

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It’s not the end when you buy an Esprit machine; it’s just the beginning. We offer complete support and aftersales service from installation and maintenance to repairs and our regular specialist training courses.

Esprit Automation Service Engineers repairing a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Machine as part of their specialised support

Specialised support

We’re committed to making sure every customer goes home happy. That’s why our team of specialist service engineers provides complete support for your Esprit plasma or flame-cutting machine.

Whether it’s installing and maintaining your machines, repairing breakdowns, or offering industry-leading training, we’re here to help. Fast, efficient support from our experts means your machines will remain as productive and precise as the day you bought them.

Minimise Your Downtime

Our robust machines are built to last but for those rare moments of downtime, we’re here to help. With our fast and reliable delivery of spare parts and consumables for Esprit machines and Hypertherm plasma cutting systems, downtimes are stress-free.

We offer competitive pricing and same-day dispatch for all in-stock orders received before 3 pm (GMT), with phone payment options available for non-account holders.

Esprit Automation works with world-class components like Hypertherm Consumables
Esprit Automation IRIS Software solution that provides real time data on your CNC cutting machines

Get Access To Real-time Information

Discover the ultimate Industry 4.0 solution to minimise your machine downtime and save costs by providing easy-to-access live cutting data, statistics, and cost analysis.

This where IRIS (Intelligent Real-time Monitoring System) comes to life. A software system that allows you to understand what’s happening with your CNC plasma cutting machine anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

Full Software Support

From phone to online to face-to-face support, our in-house team of software specialists can give advice, assistance, and training on all of our innovative CAD/CAM software.

With regular software courses at our Nottingham facility for those who want to take advantage of our software’s powerful capabilities, our in-house team can provide complete support for any issue.

Esprit Automation offers full software support when selling CNC Cutting Solutions

Preventative Maintenance Service

We offer a range of preventative maintenance service contracts to suit each machine type and its duty cycle. Typically two or four visits a year are undertaken, each of which the machine will undergo a detailed inspection. This will identify any issues which prevent the machine from performing at its best and these will be addressed during the engineer’s visit where possible or on a follow-up visit as required.

During the initial visit all serviceable components will be adjusted, lubricated, or replaced as necessary and a full report will be presented prior to the engineer’s departure. Preventative maintenance contracts are designed to identify problems before they become critical and cause a breakdown at an inconvenient time.

Members of our preventative maintenance package receive a discount on any emergency breakdown assistance

How often is preventative maintenance service needed?

Well, this depends a lot on the type of CNC cutting machine you have installed and how often you use it. In the table below you find our recommendation which could drastically reduce your costs linked to unexpected breakdowns.

Days / week Hours / day Maintenance / year
Average machine usage < 5 days 4 - 6 2
Medium to high machine usage 5 - 6 days 4 - 6 3
Intensive machine usage 6- 7 days 16 - 24 4

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