Industrial CNC Fiber Laser Cutters

A new standard of productivity, ease-of-use & efficiency 

As the leading UK manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting systems, Esprit Automation proudly introduces its range of high-performance industrial fiber laser cutting machines.


Ease To Operate

Revolutionary CNC software & smart automation


Futuristic design that is built to perform under the toughest conditions

Flexible Layout

Machine handing to accommodate your factory layout

British Expertise

Made in the UK with unrivalled after-sales service

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Our 2D Fiber Laser cutting machines

Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting Head, Ultra-high efficiency Drive Motors and Gantry

Photon 5G

Experience 5 g laser cutting with Esprit’s Photon 5G fiber laser cutting machine. Thanks to its aerospace-inspired machine design, the Esprit Photon 5G can reach staggering vector speeds of 325 m/min, making it a champion in productivity.

Esprit Automation Photon One Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Photon One

Take control of your supply chain and take your business to the next level with the Photon One fiber laser machine. This workhorse delivers a positional accuracy of 50 microns at impressive vector speeds of 170 m/min.

Photon FLEX compact fiber laser cutter

Photon FLEX

If you’re searching for an industrial laser-cutting machine that is affordable, compact, and precise, the Photon FLEX is the perfect choice. It will give you control over your production, while helping you optimise your factory layout.

Photon 5G

Photon One

Photon FLEX

Acceleration 5 g 2 g 1 g
xy Velocity 325 m/min 170 m/min 140 m/min
Positional Accuracy 50 microns 50 microns 50 microns
Size max. 6000 x 2000 max. 6000 x 2500 3000 x 1500
Laser Power Range 4-12 kW 2-6 kW 1-4 kW
Bed Fabrication Designed for 5 g acceleration Standard Compact
Change-over Table X
Enclosure Design S-Line Standard Compact
Machine Access Side Side Front
Certified Laser Safety Glass Panoramic Standard Panoramic
Gantry Design Hybrid Standard Hybrid
Ultra-high Efficiency Drives -
CNC Handing Left and right Left and right Left
LiveGuard* Anti-Collission
LiveRegen Power Recovery


Champion In Efficiency

In addition to exceptional accuracy at high speeds, the Photon machines will help businesses save on their monthly electricity bill and operating costs.

Reduce your machine idle time to a minimum as the plate loading and positioning process is drastically simplified with Esprit’s LiveNest™ feature. Your operator can also easily cut extra parts with LiveControl™, which further optimises your overall production flow.

Operating a fiber laser cutting machine at such high vector speeds requires a significant amount of power, but thanks to LiveRegen™, excess kinetic energy is recovered and reused.

The result is a hyper-efficient fiber laser cutter that delivers top-end performance at a very attractive operating cost.

Esprit Automation Photon Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Fiber Laser Source

IPG Fiber Laser Systems

Esprit has partnered with IPG, the world-leading producer of fiber laser systems, to equip each Photon laser cutting machine with a powerful, reliable, and accurate power source. IPG laser sources are available in the widest range of power, and together with a Photon laser cutting machine offer a flexible solution tailored to the needs of your business.

Esprit Automation CNC Fiber Laser Cutter Software Package Procut

Fiber Laser Software

Unleash the full power of your Esprit Photon fiber laser cutter with the Procut laser software suite. This celebrated CAD/CAM software has been developed in-house with the Photon machine to deliver outstanding cutting results and user experience.

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Esprit Automation CNC Fiber Lasers Filtration Solutions

Filtration Solutions

Esprit offers a wide range of laser cutting extraction and filtration solutions that will safely remove fume and dust from your workshop. We also provide installation and after-sales services for all our filtration units.

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Fibre Laser Financing Options

Laser Financing

Esprit Automation offers flexible financing solutions that support your requirements and fit your business needs. We provide you with transparent options so you can assess how you can best take advantage of your investment.

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Photon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cuts Sheet Metal
Esprit Automation Safety Panel of The Photon Fibre Lasers
Photon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Logo & Safety Pannel
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software development
Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting Head, Linear Drive Motors and Gantry  installing a new machine at a customer together with an operator
Photon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cuts Photon Logo
Esprit Automation Fiber Laser Cutting Head Moving at High Speed

After Sales Support

Esprit Automation has been helping businesses grow for more than 30 years. And all of our customers agree: our after-sales service and support are unrivalled. We take a lot of pride in our large team of UK & Ireland-based engineers and technicians. Equipped with a large stock of spare parts and consumables, we offer our customers the assurance and peace of mind they require.


Operator Training

Our qualified engineers will train your operators to use the Photon fiber laser cutting machine safely and efficiently, maximising your productivity.


Local Technicians

Our local technicians are standing by to serve our customers in the UK and Ireland at a moment’s notice. In case of questions, we are also available.


One-Stop Fiber Laser Solution

As well as offering state-of-the-art fiber laser cutters, we can also provide tailored software, filtration, consumables, and financing to meet your needs.


Large Stock Of Fiber Laser Spares

When downtime is not an option, you need a partner who can immediately deal with and resolve any technical issues. As a manufacturer, we always have a large selection of fiber laser spare parts and consumables in stock in our Nottingham facility.

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