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Our Cobra CNC plasma cutting tables are your best choice if you are looking for flexible and cost-effective plasma & flame cutting.

These flexible rail-based machines can be specified in a wide range of sizes from 3×1.5m to 12x3m, and are available with virtually the full range of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems as well as oxy-fuel flame torches.

When combined with Hypertherm HyPerformance plasma, these cost-effective plasma cutting tables can even deliver the latest True Hole capability.


High Performance for an Affordable Price


Available in a Range of Sizes and Flame & Plasma Cutting Systems

Easy To Use

Intuitive Touch Screen Controller & Laser Pen Pointer


Heavy production

Up to 6 Flame Cutting Torches

Esprit Automation Ltd Cobra CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Flexible & Cost Effective

Are you looking for a CNC plasma cutting table that delivers a high cut quality but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Then our Cobra machine is the perfect partner for your business. It is a versatile & cost-effective plasma cutter that can be fitted with virtually any plasma or flame cutting system to produce astounding results.

Cobra machines are designed using the latest 3D solid modeling techniques to facilitate precise manufacture in our Nottingham factory.

Each plasma cutting table features a dual side direct rack and pinion drive on the X axis and twin linear bearings and direct rack & pinion drive on the Y axis delivering smooth, precise contouring for optimum cut quality. The EDGE Connect CNC coupled digitally to AC brushless drives with fibre optics offers high precision and ultimate reliability.

If you want to learn more about our flexible & cost-effective CNC plasma cutting tables, give us a call or fill out the contact form. You are also very welcome to visit our facilities in Nottingham for a live demo.

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Esprit Automation Cobra Flexible & Cheap Plasma Cutting Machine
Esprit Automation Cobra Plasma Cutting Machine
Esprit Automation Cobra Machine & Filtration System
Esprit Automation Cobra Plasma Cutting Machine in Production
Esprit Automation Cost Effective Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machine

Affordable Flame & Plasma Cutting

Our Cobra is designed and built with productivity & flexibility in mind. This cost-effective rail-based machine can be fitted with any Hypertherm or oxy-fuel cutting system and will be a reliable & high-performing partner for your business for years to come.


STurdy built

Our Cobra CNC plasma cutting tables are cost-effective, but they are also built to last. Each machine is carefully assembled by experts out of the finest materials.


EASY TO operate

Even your inexperienced workers will be able to operate our Cobra machine thanks to the straightforward Hypertherm touch screen interface.


flexible to your needs

The Cobra is designed to exploit plasma & flame cutting technology. Both cutting processes can be specified for full cutting flexibility from gauge to 300mm.


FAST & Easy Setup

Thanks to the smart laser spot system, plate edges are automatically identified. One of the many time-saving features incorporated into the Cobra machine range.

Hypertherm Systems

Longlife Air plasma

Hypertherm LongLife Air & Oxygen plasma cutting systems offer heavy-duty high productivity capability with oxygen cut quality. HySpeed and MAXPRO200 systems have patented LongLife consumable technology which gives dramatically longer consumable life than competitors and much lower operating costs. Systems in the range include the HySpeed HSD130s.

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Esprit Automation Cobra Machine EDGE PRO Controller

EDGE Connect CNC

All Cobra plasma tables are specified with Hypertherm’s advanced EDGE Connect CNC. The EDGE Connect is a dedicated plasma and flame cutting controller and has Hypertherm & Esprit’s extensive cutting knowledge and experience embedded inside. The intuitive 15” colour touch screen HMI with built-in wizards is easy to use and delivers outstanding machine performance.

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Esprit Automation Hypertherm Consumables for Cobra Machine


When you are working with a CNC plasma cutting table you will need to replace certain consumables after a while. When this happens, you cannot afford to stop your production for days on end as you wait for replacements to arrive. Esprit Automation boasts the largest stock of genuine Hypertherm consumables in the UK and offers next-day shipping.

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“Your machine has revolutionised our business, it’s just coming up to the 2 years anniversary of the installation and already the machine has paid for itself”… “I am in the process of putting up a new unit on the site and Esprit will get my business again.”

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