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Esprit Automation holds the largest stocks of genuine Hypertherm plasma consumables and spare parts in the UK. Available in stock from our Nottingham facility we offer competitive pricing and superb service. We support current and discontinued machines and Hypertherm plasma cutting systems and offer same-day dispatch via a range of delivery services for orders received before 2.30 pm.

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At Esprit, we understand that downtime is not an option for our customers. That is why we have the largest stock of genuine Hypertherm consumables & parts in the UK, enabling us to immediately dispatch most parts so a customer’s lost production is reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Non-account customers can order by telephone and pay by credit card for immediate dispatch. 

Esprit Automation guarantees next day delivery of hypertherm consumables for your plasma cutter
Hypertherm Consumables Product Number example for XPR300 on Mild steel

Check Which Plasma Consumables You Need

If you are looking for Hypertherm consumables, torches, or torch assembly options it’s very important you order the correct parts based on your system, material, or amperage.

Therefore we will provide you with an overview of all current and legacy Hypertherm plasma cutting systems, so you could see which option fits best your needs.

Hypertherm Consumables UK - Retaining Cap


The shield cap is the outer consumable that holds the shield within it. Inspect it occasionally for cracks or burn marks, as well as to ensure the shape is still perfectly round and smooth.


Hypertherm Consumables UK - Shield Cap


The shield is the outer and bottommost part of a functioning plasma torch. It is the item that you replace rather frequently, depending on the thickness cut; these should last about 3 times electrode and nozzle sets.


Hypertherm Consumables UK - Nozzle Retaining cap

Nozzle retaining cap

This is probably the most durable of all Hypertherm XPR consumables as it is protected by the shield and shield cap. Make sure all of the orifices are clean of debris and make sure the O-ring is not damaged and present.


Hypertherm Consumables UK - Nozzle


The nozzle should always be replaced with the electrode as a pair. A larger orifice and an irregularly shaped hole are tell-tale signs it needs to be replaced. However, don’t mistake discolouring of the nozzle as a sign of wear out. The colour of the copper does not have any impact on the quality of the cut.


Hypertherm Consumables UK - Swirl Ring

swirl ring

The swirl ring controls and swirls the plasma gas around the electrode and into the nozzle. If you see any clogs or cracks, it is time to replace your swirl ring. They are quite durable which means they only need to be replaced if the ring has cracked, or if there is excessive corrosion. For optimal cuts,  make sure the holes in the swirl ring are free of debris and your O-rings are present and in good condition.


Hypertherm Consumables UK - Electrode


The electrode generates the plasma arc. The tip of the mild steel electrode is filled with a certain amount of hafnium. As the electrode wears this hafnium is depleted and you will see the crater in the tip of the electrode becoming bigger. The bigger it gets the more worn out the electrode becomes and a replacement might be needed. Every time you change an electrode you also should change the nozzle (they are a pair).


Power Of Hypertherm CONSUMABles


In order to keep your machine performing its best, as well as to avoid causing any damage, we recommend always going for genuine Hypertherm consumables. Thanks to a range of patented technologies, Hypertherm consumables are long-lasting and will provide a high precision cut quality time after time.

Power Of Hypertherm Consumables - UK

When To Replace Plasma Cutter Consumables

Typical indications you might need new consumables include excessive dross accumulation on the backside of your parts, as well as abnormally high degrees of bevel. A regular inspection of the consumables themselves can warn you in advance if they are wearing out, enabling you re-order replacements before the production is interrupted. The nozzle and the electrode will need to be changed the most often.

Hypertherm Consumable in use to represent when to change your plasma consumables
Hypertherm Consumables for a CNC Plasma Cutter on a Grey Surface

Make Your Plasma Consumables Last Longer

Getting the best performance from your thermal cutting machinery requires well-maintained equipment and well-trained operators.

At Esprit, we can offer fixed or flexible optimisation training alongside basic operator training to suit your needs. This training will assist in the reduction of machine downtime and help reduce the cost of ownership, improve cut quality and enable better operational effectiveness.

Plasma Consumables & Amperage

In case you are changing your production to a new amperage, don’t forget that Hypertherm consumables are specifically designed to perform at certain Amps. A mismatch will lead to a faster wear out of the consumables and a poorer cut quality

Hypertherm Consumable Overview
Esprit Consumables reward programme


Over the last 10 years, Esprit has rewarded its loyal consumable customers. We provide free optimisation training leading to reduced consumable usage and optimal use of the Esprit machine.

In addition, there are opportunities for discounted upgrades and torch bodies.

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Esprit Automation CNC flame Cutting Service Engineers
Esprit Automation CNC flame Cutting Service Engineers

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With the largest stock of genuine Hypertherm plasma cutter consumables & spare parts in the UK, Esprit Automation has been the trusted supplier of countless businesses for years.


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Esprit Automation is an official authorized partner and distributor of Hypertherm equipment and consumables in the UK.


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Esprit holds the largest stock of Hypertherm consumables and parts in the UK. We also have parts of discontinued systems available.

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