Extraction & Filtration

Creating a Safe & Clean Working Environment

Professional Extraction & Filtration Solutions

Plasma cutting produces fumes and dust that must be removed from the working area. Esprit Automation has partnered with Donaldson, a market leading manufacturer in filtration systems, to create an effective extraction solution to ensure a clean working environment

Tailored to your needs

There is no one-size fits all filtration solution. Each extraction system is determined by the size of the machine, the power of the plasma cutter and the type of material to be processed. Our team of expert engineers will help you define the right extraction & filtration system, tailored to your specific application & business needs.

Donaldson Filtration System installed with an Esprit Automation Cobra CNC Plasma cutting Machine
Donaldson Torit Dust Filtration Solutions For Plasma & Laser Cutting

100 Years Of Filtration Experience

Just as we strive for ultimate performance in our plasma cutting machines, Esprit only offers top-of-the-range dust & fume extraction solutions to our customers.

That is why we decided to exclusively work with Donaldson. Founded in 1915 after Frank Donaldson invented the world’s first effective air cleaner for a tractor engine, this company has grown to become the global leader in filtration solutions. Esprit Automation is their proud UK partner for our CNC plasma cutting machines.

HSE Compliant

All of the extraction & filtration systems Esprit Automation offers on top of its machines are compliant with the related UK government Health & Safety ExecutiveAn adequate filtration system is advised as the gases and fumes produced as part of plasma cutting processes can be hazardous to health. Especially when cutting stainless, caution is advised as the fumes will contain chromium & nickel.

Donaldson-Torit Filtration Filter for a Plasma Cutter

Filters & Replacement parts

When you need new filters or replacement parts for your plasma cutter filter system, Esprit Automation can supply you in the shortest possible time to minimise your downtime. Our service engineers are also at your disposal for any questions or issues that might arise about your extraction.


Our machines are designed to immediately capture the fumes & dust via a downdraught cutting table. The contaminated air then passes through ductwork to the filtration system where contaminants are removed. The cartridge filters are cleaned automatically by compressed air with the resultant dust collected in a storage bin located at the bottom of the unit for disposal.

Esprit & Fume Extraction Systems
Donaldson Torit DCE Fume & Dust Filtration System
Donaldson Plasma Cutter Filter & Esprit Automation Machine
Esprit Automation & Donaldson Plasma Cutter Filter System
Donaldson Fume Filtration System

extraction solutions

When it comes to extraction, we chose to partner with Donaldson as they are the global industry leader in dust & fume filtration systems, with over 100 years of experience.


high reliability

We exclusively work with systems from Donaldson, a global market leader in filtration. Together with your Esprit machine, they form a highly reliable team.


expert help

Our team of expert engineers will help you specify the right filtration system for your specific needs & applications.


Indoor & outdoor

We offer a range of extraction & filtration systems for both indoor and outdoor installation.


automated cleaning

Your dust & fume filtration system will automatically clean itself using compressed air to optimise the life of your filter cartridges.

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