In order to re-ignite growth in UK manufacturing post-COVID and post-Brexit, the UK government has deployed a never-seen-before stimulus package, allowing UK companies to temporarily deduct 130% (in year 1) of any new machinery investments. In order to help you navigate and leverage this unique opportunity for your business, we have summarized the key things you need to know below.


130% Tax Deduction

Cut your tax bill with up to 25p for every £1 you invest.

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This incentive is only temporary – until March 2023.

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Super deduction will help UK manufacturers & fabricators.

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What is Super Deduction?

The Super deduction is a capital allowance for UK companies that offers a 130% first-year relief for qualifying machinery investments until 31 March 2023 (source: HM Treasury).

A “deduction” or “capital allowance” lets taxpayers write off the cost of certain capital assets against taxable income. They take the place of accounting depreciation, which is not normally tax-deductible. Businesses deduct capital allowances when computing their taxable profits.

The bottom line, the investment is deducted from your revenues before tax is calculated, meaning you pay less tax.

So while normally* you would deduct the cost of your machine over several years (i.e. every year you can deduct a piece of the investment, partly lowering your taxable income), now you can deduct 130% of the investment (so even more than you paid for the machine!) already in year 1.

*Note that the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) means that 100% relief can be obtained in some circumstances and it may not necessarily be over several years that relief is obtained.

Why is the UK government providing such a strong stimulus?

Why didn’t HM Treasury stop at a 100% Deduction?

UK economists have identified that much of the UK’s productivity gap is actually attributable to a historically low level of business investments compared to other nations. By offering more generous capital allowances, the UK can boost business investments and reignite economic growth faster.

Who can Qualify?

In short: all UK companies that are investing in qualifying machinery between April 1st 2021 and March 31st 2023.

So what constitutes “qualifying” machinery?

Most tangible capital assets used in the course of manufacturing and fabrication are considered plant and machinery for the purposes of claiming capital allowances. But in order to benefit from the Super Deduction capital allowance the assets need to be new (not second-hand).

Examples of qualifying Machinery


  • Fiber laser and plasma cutting machines
  • Factory automation solutions
  • Tractors, lorries, vans
  • IT equipment

But here’s the kicker: there is no limit on the amount of expenditure that can benefit from the Super Deduction capital allowance. Moreover, if the investment creates a loss, the loss would be carried forward to future periods to use against future profits.

Concrete Example

A British company has decided to invest £400,000 in a Fiber Laser cutting machine. Thanks to the super deduction, this company will obtain an additional tax benefit of £85,120 in Year 1. This is a direct cash saving!

The company will pay back this machine over 5 years by paying £80,000 per year. The super deduction (receiving £85,120 extra cash in year 1) essentially means that the company will be able to run the machine without having to pay for it for a full year!

Default Deduction*:

  • In translating its accounting profits into taxable profits, the company is required to ‘add back’ any depreciation, but can instead deduct capital allowances called “Writing Down Allowances” (WDAs) at 18% (£400,000 x 18% =£72,000).
  • This constitutes a tax benefit in year 1 of £72,000 x 19% corporate tax rate = £13,680


*This doesn’t consider the availability of AIA which could give 100% relief in year 1.

With Super Deduction:

  • The company can now deduct 130% of the £400,000 investment (= £520,000) in year 1 from its taxable revenue.
  • This constitutes a tax benefit in year 1 of £520,000 x 19% corporate tax rate = £98,800.
  • In case this creates a loss, the loss will be carried forward to the next year.


Default DeductionWith Super DeductionTax Year 1 Extra Cash Flow
Machine Investment£400,000£400,000-
Year 1 Tax-Deductible WDAs at 18% (£400,000 x 18%)
= £72,000
Super Deduction at 130% of the investment (£400,000 x 130%)
= £520,000
Year 1 Tax Benefit£72,000 x 19% corporate tax rate
£520,000 x 19% corporate tax rate
= £98,800

DISCLAIMER: The information we are providing is for illustration only and customers should consult their tax advisors for specific advice, and any reliance on the information is done so entirely at your own risk.

How to apply for Super Deduction?

The Super Deduction will form part of the already existing tax computation for capital allowances.

You’ll just need to provide the usual information* that you do in the form of your fixed asset register which will enable your accounts to prepare the fixed asset information.

*Formal invoice and sales agreement are usually requested; this information needs to be binding, i.e. when you have received this information you cannot roll back the sale.

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Can I still apply for Super Deduction for a machine bought before April 2021?

A: No, the Super Deduction is only valid for machinery purchased between April 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2023.

Note that there are restrictions depending on when the obligation to purchase the assets became unconditional. You can only claim allowances when the obligation to pay becomes unconditional, therefore if you can still back out no claim would be allowed.

Is the super deduction also valid on second-hand / used machinery?

A: No, the Super Deduction is only valid for NEW machinery.

What if I agree to a new purchase of machinery, but later on decide to cancel the order?

In case you decide not to proceed with the purchase within the same fiscal year, you cannot deduct the Super Dedication from your taxable income at the end of the fiscal year.
You can only claim allowances when the obligation to pay becomes unconditional, therefore if you can still back out no claim would be allowed.

What if I order a machine this fiscal year (and pay a deposit), but only have to pay the remainder of the sum in the next fiscal year (after machine delivery)?

This is dependent upon the timing of the payments.

Is there a cap on the maximum amount of investments that qualifies for super deduction?

There is currently no maximum allowance for the Super Deduction. In other words, your company will benefit from the Super Deduction on every single capital investment (eligible under the Super Deduction Incentive)) made between April 1st 2021 and March 31st 2023.

DISCLAIMER: The information we are providing is for illustration only and customers should consult their tax advisors for specific advice, and any reliance on the information is done so entirely at your own risk.


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