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This industrial laser cutting machine revolutionises CNC metal cutting by redefining ease of use.

Thanks to innovative features such as LiveNest™, LiveControl™, LiveGuard™, and LiveMonitor™, the operator has full control over the cutting process; allowing them to re-initiate nests and visually align plates or pieces of scrap, all with just a few clicks on the large CNC touch screen interface.

Our Photon One CNC laser cutting machine is a game-changer for companies who want to take control of their supply chain and evolve their business to the next level.

Each machine is designed and built in our Nottingham facility by our team of British engineers and production team, and several features can be tailored to your unique business situation.


170 m/min vector speed with LiveGuard™ anti-collision system

Energy Efficient

LiveRegen™ power regeneration


LiveControl™ at the CNC & LiveNest™ advanced vision system


Left or right handing making it easy to fit this machine into your space

Experience Laser Cutting Made Easy

Are you looking to take control over your supply chain by bringing your metal-cutting applications in-house? Or perhaps you are in the market to upgrade your old CO2 laser for one of the latest, more efficient models?

Then the Esprit Photon One is the right industrial laser cutting machine for you.

This workhorse laser cutting machine is fully designed and built in the UK and combines performance and flexibility with ultimate user-friendliness and control.

The Photon One starts from Esprit’s signature precision-welded bed and gantry design and can be fitted with a range of laser sources up to 6 kW to deliver a superior cutting quality at impressive vector speeds of 170 m/min.

One could think that a state-of-the-art industrial laser cutting machine is complicated and requires a highly skilled operator.

Think again!

The rapid movements of the Photon One are tamed and managed by revolutionary features such as LiveNest™, LiveControl™, LiveGuard™, and LiveMonitor™, making the machine so user-friendly that it could be operated by literally anyone with very little training.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and impress your customers with the latest state-of-the-art industrial laser cutting technology? Then contact us today to schedule a visit and a personalized Photon One demo.

Esprit Automation Photon One Fibre Laser Cutting Machine Head

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LiveNest™ vision system

With Esprit’s LiveNest™ function the CNC will automatically detect and visually confirm the plate edges before the cutting process is started. The operator can auto-position the nest with a single touch but is also able to double-check optimal nesting as it is projected onto the live feed of the shutter table camera.

LiveControl™ CNC

LiveControl™ removes the biggest frustration of any operator: having to run back to the CAD/CAM office every time a single item needs to be recut. Whether it got lost or one is just needed on top, it messes up the production schedule and takes precious time. With LiveControl™ an operator can distill the needed item directly from the nest and manually nest it, even on a piece of scrap.

LiveGuard™ anti-collision

Thanks to LiveGuard™, the Photon one industrial laser cutting machine is able to cut at 170m/s while avoiding the risk of collision or downtime. Once the nest is loaded onto the CNC, LiveGuard™ will run a risk assessment and give the operator alternative cutting options depending on the risk level. The automatic collision stop function will also protect the head while cutting.

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Photon Fibre Laser Cutter
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Our Photon One industrial laser cutting machine has been specifically designed to empower our customers. Thanks to breakthrough technology, this impressive machine is made easily accessible and manageable for any operator.



Thanks to the Photon One’s aerospace-inspired design, this machine can reach impressive vector speeds of 170 m/min. However, despite these speeds, Photon One delivers superior positioning accuracy of 50 microns.



Follow every detail of the cutting process live on the 22” touch screen thanks to the Photon’s built-in high-definition camera system. Use LiveNest™ to visually position, nest, and adjust with a simple touch of the screen.



Enable your operators to easily and instantly recut one or more items from any historical nest, even on a piece of scrap. With LiveControl™ he will be able to select and nest the job directly from the CNC touch screen control panel.



Our Photon One industrial laser cutting machine can be produced with handing on the left or the right-hand side to better fit the layout of your workshop. Thanks to easily removable panels instant access to the machine’s inner parts are also guaranteed.



Our expert engineers remain at your disposal for any question, while we have local teams of technicians in both the UK and Ireland to ensure ultimate technical service and support.

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Powerful, Yet Efficient

Esprit’s Photon One is impressively power efficient and aims to return your investment as fast as possible. This high ROI is fuelled by incredible productivity and remarkably low running costs.

If you are really looking for the best payback time, you could consider an investment in a lower-powered laser machine to cover the thin end and a plasma cutting machine to cover you on the thicker end.

Call us today to discuss your application and possible payback times!

Reliable British Service

Our mission at Esprit is to help our fellow British and Irish companies grow.

That is why each of our Photon One industrial laser cutting machines is designed and built right here in Nottingham by our team of expert engineers, with a single focus on delivering maximum robustness, reliability, and productivity.

Installation of a Photon One at your facility is not the end, it is the beginning of a long-term partnership. Thanks to our large in-house team of local British & Irish technicians, Esprit Automation takes pride in being able to offer unrivalled service support and expertise, whenever our customers need it.

Esprit Automation guarantees next day delivery of hypertherm consumables for your plasma cutter
Esprit Automation CNC Laser Cutter Software Package Procut

Fiber Laser Software

Pair your Photon One industrial laser cutting machine with Esprit’s Procut software to unleash the full potential of this powerful machine. This modular CAD/CAM software solution is celebrated for its user-friendliness and flexibility.

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Esprit Automation Ltd IRIS Laser Cutting Monitoring Software

Live Monitoring With IRIS

With IRIS you can track every aspect of your Photon One industrial laser cutting machine in real-time. This sophisticated industry 4.0 solution can easily be installed on any computer, tablet, or phone.

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Fiber Laser Financing calculations

Laser Financing

At Esprit, we offer a range of flexible financing solutions tailored to your business needs. We provide you with transparent options so you can assess how your company can best take advantage of this investment.

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“This machine is very easy to operate. It doesn’t look complicated”

Antony Barrett

Managing Director, Barretts Of Apsley

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