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For businesses that need performance and productivity to go hand in hand with operator control, we proudly present our flagship Photon 5G fiber laser cutter.

Thanks to its aerospace-inspired machine design with hybrid gantry, the Esprit Photon is able to reach staggering vector speeds of 325 m/min, making it a champion in productivity.

To tame the extreme 5 g forces that are generated by this powerful machine, the Photon 5G relies on Esprit’s signature precision-welded bed & gantry design. The robustness of this machine is one the first things our customers notice when seeing it live for the first time.

But there is more…

Despite impressing with its technological prowess, the Photon 5G also redefines ease of use. Thanks to revolutionary features such as Esprit’s LiveNest™, LiveControl™, and LiveGuard™ systems, operating this fiber laser cutter is quick and easy to learn in no time.


Up to 5 g acceleration & vector speeds of 325 m/min  

Ease Of Use

LiveControl™ at the CNC & LiveNest™ advanced vision system


Easy access to working area with option for opposite handing


LiveGuard™ anti-collision system & LiveRegen™ energy savings

Esprit Automation Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutter


For those businesses that need performance and productivity to go hand in hand with high-precision and operator control, we proudly present our flag-ship Photon 5G fiber laser cutter.

Ground-breaking axis speeds, an advanced visual nesting system, and a revolutionary CNC interface are just some of the features that make the Photon 5G a new benchmark in laser cutting.

The Photon 5G is proudly designed, built, and serviced in the UK by our team of expert British engineers & technicians.

One would think that a top-of-the-range machine filled with technological marvels must require highly-trained operators.

This is not true, however.

Esprit Automation always puts the end-user first. Building on decades of experience and expertise in designing and building CNC cutting machines and software, we made a fiber laser cutting machine so user-friendly that it could be operated by literally anyone with very little training, even an apprentice.

If you would like to see our 5G laser cutting machine in action, as well as meet the experts behind it, please contact us today to schedule your visit and demo.

Esprit Automation Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting Head

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LiveNest™ vision system

Revolutionise an operator’s cutting experience thanks to Esprit’s LiveNest™. See any nest visually projected on the plate to verify optimal nesting and avoid errors before starting the cutting process. The system also recognises a full plate and auto positions a nest with a single touch.

LiveControl™ CNC

Cutting just a couple of extra parts in a given nest can be very time-consuming and inefficient. The drawing office will have to create a new CNC file. Your operator will lose valuable time asking and waiting for it. And your overall production flow is disrupted. With LiveControl™ an operator can extract a single item from any historic job directly at the CNC and manually nest it, even on a piece of scrap.

LiveGuard™ anti-collision

Avoid collision, even at 5 g acceleration, thanks to LiveGuard™. Before cutting starts the operator will receive a collision risk assessment at the CNC with options to proceed, follow a safer cutting path, or add tags. During cutting, the system will maximise protection of the cutting head with an automatic collision stop function.

Esprit Automation Ltd Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutter
Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting The Photon 5G Logo
Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutting Head, Linear Drive Motors and Gantry
Operating the HMI of the Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutter
Photon 5G Fiber Laser Cutter Logo & Safety Panel

Max Speed & Productivity

Our team of expert British engineers proudly designed and manufactured the Photon 5G in the UK. If you would like to see this powerful fiber laser cutter in action, as well as meet the experts behind it, please just contact us today to schedule your visit and demo.



The Photon’s aerospace-inspired machine design allows it to reach an impressive acceleration of up to 5 g. A feature that is unmatched by most other leading brands.



Automated features such as a smart anti-collision system allow the Photon to maximize your productivity potential.



No more running to the CAD/CAM office every time a small change or re-cut is needed. Thanks to LiveControl™ an operator can visually set up a nest right there on the CNC, even on pieces of scrap!



With Esprit’s latest LiveNest™ technology an operator can visually see any nest laid out on the plate. Aided by auto-detect & auto-nest features, users can easily and instantly make adjustments to ensure the perfect setup.



The Photon 5G fiber laser cutter is also available in a mirrored design to fit your workshop, this means the handing can be on the left or on the right. Easy access to the machine’s internal systems is guaranteed via removable panels.


Keeping operating costs down is the main concern for most business owners. While high-performance fiber lasers are already significantly more efficient than their CO2 counterparts, Esprit has now found a new way to further drastically reduce your electricity bill.

Accelerating from point to point at incredible speeds, a fiber laser machine draws a lot of electricity. Yet, during each deceleration stage, significant kinetic energy is lost as heat.

Thanks to Esprit’s trademarked LiveRegen™, the Photon 5G will capture this excess energy and temporarily store it to use it for the next impressive 5 g acceleration.

Hypertherm Consumables Product Number example for XPR300 on Mild steel


Esprit’s Photon 5G aims to return your investment as fast as possible. This high ROI is fuelled by incredible productivity and remarkably low running costs.

If you are really looking for the best payback time, you could consider an investment in a lower-powered laser machine to cover the thin end and a plasma cutting machine to cover you on the thicker end.

Call us today to discuss your application and possible payback times!

Best British Service

Besides making unrivalled CNC cutting machines and software, Esprit Automation is known for offering first-class service support, engineering expertise, and the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.

The Photon 5G, just like any other machine in the Esprit range, is made in Britain. In fact, Esprit Automation is the first manufacturer to fully design and manufacture an industrial fiber laser cutting machine in the UK.

At Esprit, we use our machines to make our machines, so we understand all too well our customers’ need for avoiding downtime. That is why we offer comprehensive after-sales support, delivered by our expert team of British and Irish technicians.

Esprit Automation Photon Fiber Laser Repair & Service
Esprit Automation CNC Plasma Cutter Software Package Procut

Fiber Laser Software

Unleash the full potential of the Photon 5G fiber laser cutter by pairing it with Esprit Automation’s state-of-the-art yet easy-to-use Procut laser software packages. We also provide training in our software training center and support services for your team.

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Esprit Automation Ltd IRIS Plasma Cutting Software

Live Monitoring With IRIS

Thanks to Esprit’s IRIS Industry 4.0 solution, users can monitor their Photon 5G fiber laser cutter in real-time and track its impressive productivity statistics from any computer, tablet or phone anywhere, any time.

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Hypertherm XPR 300 Plasma Cutting System

Laser Financing

Esprit Automation offers flexible financing solutions that support your requirements and fit your business needs. We provide you with transparent options so you can assess how your company can best take advantage of this investment.

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“I would 100% say, you’ve got to give them a try! You’ve got to come and have a look at this machine! See the speed and the acceleration of the Photon 5G machine.”

John Ready

Operations Director, Eggleston Steel

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