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IRIS: A Real-Time Insight In To Machine Operations


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Maximising uptime and minimising downtime is essential to our customers. Not satisfied with ‘on-demand’ remote access to diagnose problems after the event, Esprit set about developing a solution in-house. The result, IRIS – a system that monitors your Esprit cutting machine in real-time.

Customer-driven industry 4.0 innovation
Many of our customers have reported that ‘on-demand’ remote access to the machine control system has been extremely useful and has helped save them time and money. However, this made us think – what if there was a way to monitor a machine in real-time without the need for intervention? What if the user can see what is happening and diagnose potential issues before they happen?

With this in mind, Esprit software and electrical engineers set to work embracing the potential of Industry 4.0 principles to develop a system that would solve this dilemma. Along the way they found that it was possible to do even more…

Customer feedback from MACH
At MACH 2018, Esprit launched their solution – IRIS, a digital dashboard that provides an insight in to real-time operations, providing improved performance, reliability, and uptime; all key factors in a cutting machine’s real-life usability.

“The launch of IRIS pulls the plasma cutting industry into 2018.” said James Perrin, from Esprit. “While cutting technology has leapt forwards year-on-year, system management software has needed to catch up for some time and we are confident that users will be impressed with the possibilities of IRIS.”

Esprit have been using IRIS in-house on their demonstration Lightning HD to great avail. It has even been tested in the field and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

What can IRIS do?
The IRIS dashboard provides the user with live and summary information about their machine at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

  • Live Job Monitoring
    View machine status, process type, gas pressures and coolant flow information.
  • Track Utilisation Data
    Monitor what your machine has been doing hour-by-hour and over a 7, 14 and 30-day period.
  • Machine Simulation
    See what is happening through a graphical representation of your machine.
  • Distance Travelled
    Track how far your machine has moved over a set period of time.
  • Cutting Time Per Process
    Understand how much time you are cutting at each amperage.

Furthermore, Esprit can monitor the health of your machine remotely using sensors mounted around the machine. This way, we can proactively check for issues that may cause a breakdown – saving your business valuable time and money.

IRIS Devices


Remote Access IRIS Standard IRIS Premium
On Demand Monitoring at CNC
Live Monitoring Anywhere
Maximise Utilisation
Minimise Downtime

If you would like to find out more about the potential of IRIS and see how it can help you do more, please contact our sales team on 0115 921 0412 or [email protected] to arrange a demo.

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