Discover the ultimate Industry 4.0 solution to minimise your machine downtime and save costs by providing easy-to-access live cutting data, statistics, and cost analysis.

At Esprit, we believe that software needs to be relevant and easy to use. Over 30 years ago, we pioneered drawing and nesting software to make CAD-CAM easy for everyone. Since then we have continued our quest to deliver simple yet powerful solutions for our customers.

Using the same core business values and the experience only a machine manufacturer can have, we developed IRIS – Intelligent Real-time Information System. IRIS allows you to understand what’s happening with your CNC plasma cutting machine anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. This information can help you to minimise unnecessary downtime and deliver better customer service.



Understand What is Happening in Production Right Now


See Every Profile That Was Cut on Your Machine

COnsumable Life

See How Many Pierces and Metres You Have Cut

Reduce Downtime

Spot Issues Before They Can Cause Downtime

What Iris From Esprit Automation Can do for you today
Esprit Automation Iris Real Data Monitoring System Example

IRIS In Detail

Not satisfied with ‘on-demand’ remote access to diagnose problems after the event? IRIS Standard enables you to monitor your Esprit plasma cutting machine in real time.

Standard MachineYour Esprit Machine With IRIS
Remote diagnostics - dial in via CNC
Live monitoring of cutting from any device
Consumables usage tracking: # of pierces and distance cut
History of profiles cut
Hourly breakdown of machine usage
Expected Cut Quality
Live Plasma Data incl gas pressures, air-filter status
Esprit remote machine inspection
Machine Health Tracking
Esprit Automation Iris Live Monitoring of your CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Live Cutting View

Ever wondered what your Esprit cutting machine is doing right now? The Live page provides remote access at the touch of a button. Comprising of a live view of your CNC plasma cutting machine and a dashboard monitoring the current cutting process and motor torque, all the information you need is displayed simply and easily.

When a last-minute order comes in or you want to follow up on a critical job, the live page helps you to see what is being cut and what progress has been made. You can also monitor the day-to-day activity of your machine when you are away from the factory or shop floor.

Machine Health Tracking

A traffic light system indicates when your coolant needs topping up or when your gas supplies are getting low, and a sliding scale shows you when your filter cartridges need changing.

On a more detailed level, motor torque and plasma inputs and
outputs are displayed beneath the live cutting view. This is
extremely useful diagnostic information that we will use to get
your plasma cutting machine up and running faster in case of a
reported breakdown.

motor torque and plasma inputs and outputs for IRIS machine health information
Esprit Automation Iris Live Monitoring of your CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Consumable Life Tracking

Is your consumable usage high? IRIS has a powerful tracking tool built-in, enabling you to have a better understanding of your consumable spending.

For every consumable, it will record how many pierces and how many metres they have laster for every cutting process by material type (mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium).

By keeping track of your consumables usage on IRIS, you can compare the data with actual consumable usage to help minimise your costs. To make it easier, you can even set your own review period and simply export the data into .xls or .csv format for your own analysis.

Analyse Your
Machine Utilisation

Are you getting the most out of your Esprit machine? On a daily basis, IRIS provides insight into machine downtime and health.

On an hourly basis, you can see how much cutting has taken place and how much the machine has been idle.

As a production manager or business owner, this is valuable information that can help you to find ways to be more productive and do more with your Esprit machine.

Iris analyse your machine utilisation
review historical CNC cutting jobs with IRIS

Review Historical Jobs

When a customer calls you for an urgent extra order or you want to check whether a certain profile is already cut, the historical cut page will show you an overview of all profiles that were cut on your Esprit CNC plasma cutting machine.

In addition, the color coding shows what was cut (red line) vs what was not cut (grey line)

When you have questions about low or high machine usage or simply want to know if a part was cut, the Jobs page shows a history of exactly what plasma cutting has taken place and when.

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